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  • The Underground

    NITE, Club Guy & Roni, HIIIT en Asko|Schönberg
    Fri 1 Mar ’24
    A rollercoaster blend of theatre, dance, and music. 

    What has to happen for you to feel like a mere clown? A fool on the margins. Someone who finally gets their cake but gets it right in the face. The lowest of all life forms. And what has to happen before you’re completely fed up? Not content to be the laughingstock anymore? The Underground is a theatre performance, a concert, and a spectacular musical circus, where humour and tragedy are never far away. This inspiring NITE event is a rollercoaster blend of theatre, dance, and music. 

  • Wie is er bang voor Virginia Woolf?

    Sanne Wallis de Vries, Bas Hoeflaak, Alex Ploeg en Claire Bender
    Sat 2 Mar ’24

    Two couples undergo a booze-soaked night full of witty dialogues, dangerous games and verbal massacre. It’s the ultimate relationship drama, as Edward Albee's stage classic #Wie is er bang voor Virginia Woolf?# is invariably called. With Sanne Wallis de Vries, Bas Hoeflaak, Alex Ploeg and Claire Bender, they can combine villainous humor with morbid drama like no other. In this masterpiece, they push each other to the limit.

  • Fokker Blankers Tol

    Anne Wil Blankers, Henriëtte Tol, Renée Fokker
    Wed 6 Mar ’24

    Three sisters meet at what turns out to be a crossroads for them all.  For a while, they hide away together from the world to catch their breath and lose themselves in their memories. Only to find out that there are quite a few skeletons piled up in the closet. Anne Wil Blankers (seen in Driving Miss Daisy, Moeders en Zonen), Henriëtte Tol (seen in Soldaat van Oranje, Bloedverwanten) and Renée Fokker (seen in Judas, Wie is de Mol) perform in this tragicomedy about real women with a lifetime full of stories.

  • Rabbit Hole

    De Toneelmakerij | Theater Sonnevanck
    Thu 7 Mar ’24

    Samy doesn't leave his room anymore, doesn't go to school anymore, and ignores his friends. He has retreated into an online community where he has made new friends: Neo17 and his supporters. 

  • The making of Berlin

    BERLIN | Yves Degryse
    Sat 9 Mar ’24

    The makers of BERLIN meet a spirited, elderly German man. They start talking and are fascinated by his improbable life. Several conversations and weeks later, they decide to dedicate the final part of their Holocene Cycle, in which they have created various city portraits, to him. The making of Berlin is a portrait of a city, built around the extraordinary story of a Berliner who worked as an orchestral director at the Berlin Philharmonic. A man who would like nothing more than to go back in time to complete an unfinished chapter of his life.

  • Birds

    DOX | Dalton Jansen
    Tue 12 Mar ’24

    Real freedom, what does it look like? How do you deal with the future if you haven't had a safe nest? Are you ready for society? And is society ready for you?

  • Bossen

    Gover Meit (voorheen Stefano Keizers)
    Wed 13 Mar ’24

    Stefano Keizers, the previous stage name of Gover Meit, who is now called Donny Ronny, is dead. What will he do now that the public has finally embraced him? The answer is: Bossen! This ensemble performance will annihilate the few remaining theatrical rules left. There is no script. There is no rehearsal. Every night will be different. Everyone has secrets from each other. The actors (in total, 6 per evening) consist of a combination of very established names and undiscovered talents from all corners of the world. From Claudia de Breij to Jennifer Hoffman, and from Soy Kroon to Kjeld Nuis.

  • Versus

    Theater Utrecht
    Thu 14 Mar ’24

    What moves a group of people who fall for the aura, the vision and the promises of a Great Leader? And is that covenant doomed to bring out the worst in man, or is it our only salvation? Versus promises to be a musically overwhelming and intoxicating journey through our greatest desires and fears about how we relate to one another. Two actors and eight cellists do everything they can to once and for all fight out the great primal human conflict, me versus another.

  • Broos

    Matzer Theaterproducties
    Mon 18 Mar ’24
    Tue 19 Mar ’24

    What's it like when people always ask about the person you care for, but rarely about you? What if you don't even ask yourself about you anymore? There's less and less of you left. And what happens if you just crumble? That is not possible. And so, you continue. Broos is a musical, poignant and hopeful performance about how you can lose yourself in the midst of caring for someone else, and it is inspired by conversations with mothers of care-intensive children. #Broos# shows the beautiful and difficult sides of a care story.

  • Wachten op Godot

    Het Nationale Theater
    Thu 21 Mar ’24

    Two men in bowler hats, Vladimir and Estragon, are sitting on a country road near a tree. They are waiting for a certain Godot and are killing time with big questions and little pursuits. Then, Pozzo comes along, dragging another man, Lucky, on a rope. After a strange conversation, they leave, and there is nothing to do again but wait. Wachten op Godot, 'the best play of all time' is returning to the theater. Directed by Erik Whien, the Beckett director of our times.

  • Myrte Siebinga zoekt een kamer

    De Warme Winkel
    Fri 22 Mar ’24

    During a fiercely satirical ‘hospiteer’ evening at a group home, we whirl through perspectives, excesses, and options in a world in which space has become scarce. Living space, nitrogen space, breathing space, movement space. Claiming space, sharing space and the desire for a habitable planet... Whether Myrte finds a room remains to be seen, but a surprising evening by the unparalleled theater group De Warme Winkel is guaranteed.

  • Presentatie workshop: Wie ben ik?

    Sat 23 Mar ’24
    Sun 24 Mar ’24

    Someone lies on top of a large sheet of paper. What's going to happen? The contours are drawn, lying still for a moment is paramount, the boundaries are determined. Then, the work can begin: fantasize, play, move, paint, tell stories, sometimes amid struggle but also just as naturally as you breathe in and out. Participants from Lunet, who have never been on stage before, will become acquainted with movement, visual work and creating a story in this workshop. Ultimately, they will present that story on stage.

    • Collaboration between Carte Blanche, Lunet and the Parktheater
    • Directed by: Stefan Jung
  • Huis van Troje

    Toneelschuur producties | Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
    Wed 27 Mar ’24

    The Trojan War is a myth, but the fall of Troy is a fact. So, where do the stories begin, and the facts end?

  • Haar in de Wind

    Wilfried de Jong & Caro Derkx
    Thu 4 Apr ’24

    Wilfried de Jong and Caro Derkx love cycling. Cycling is sport, toil and perseverance, but it also provides food for thought. Wilfried once put Caro on a racing bike; from that point on, she’s never stopped pedaling. When Caro and Wilfried ride over forest paths, dikes and glittering asphalt, their imagination runs wild. Energy, stories and humor on four thin tires. Caro and Wilfried are bound to each other for an hour and a half. In joy and sorrow. A theatrical journey full of friendship, struggle and strange ideas.

  • Het Wim Sonneveld-Complex

    Tarik Moree en Tim Olivier Somer
    Wed 10 Apr ’24
    Thu 11 Apr ’24

    Het Wim Sonneveld-Complex is a musical performance about the life and work of Wim Sonneveld. Two young men compete for the best rendition of the legend. The battle ends in a duel. With factual knowledge, symposia and songs, they try to outdo each other. And in doing so, they stumble over themselves, each other and their surroundings. After a successful summer at Theaterfestival de Parade, actors Tarik Moree and Tim Olivier Somer and director Daniël 't Hoen are now coming to the theater with a full evening performance!

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