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  • Zo vader zo zoon

    Jon van Eerd, Joey Schalker, Nandi van Beurden, Arie Cupé e.a.
    Wed 29 Mar ’23

    Pricelessly funny misunderstandings, intrigues and complications bring Harrie Vermeulen to an unprecedented comedic high point this season. For every father who feels like a father and for every child who has to live with it.

  • Sneak peek: Mission Molière | Het Zuidelijk Toneel

    Wonka Comedy Festival presents:
    Wonka Comedy Festival
    Thu 30 Mar ’23

    Mission Molière gaat in april in première, maar speciaal voor Wonka Comedy Festival is er een eenmalige Sneakpeek. 

  • De Kersentuin

    Toneelgroep Maastricht
    Tue 11 Apr ’23

    Anniek Pheifer and Jeroen Spitzenberger play the lead roles in an adaptation of one of the most beloved plays in the world: The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov. An eight-piece ensemble brings a contemporary version of this timeless story about clinging to the past, fear of the future and a tragic battle with the present.

  • Not all is lost

    Theater Rotterdam | Davy Pieters
    Thu 13 Apr ’23

    Second part of a four-part series that Davy Pieters is making about humans growing up in a future world.

  • The Story of Travis

    Theater Rotterdam & Well Made Productions
    Tue 18 Apr ’23
    What is it like to be sent out into the world as the only hope of your family?

    The Story of Travis is a new stage play inspired by Lorraine Hansberry's Broadway classic A Raisin in the Sun. About the importance of having dreams, making your voice heard in a world that doesn't seem set up for you, and finding a home.

  • BOG.2

    Het Zuidelijk Toneel & BOG.
    Thu 20 Apr ’23

    Ten years ago, in their early twenties, they made a first attempt to survey what you call 'your life'. Now they are trying again.

  • Dieven

    Toneelschuur Producties | Jessie L'Herminez
    Fri 28 Apr ’23

    Dieven by Dea Loher is a black comedy in which twelve lost souls dream of a better life.

  • Door de bank genomen: Tien jaar later

    De Verleiders
    Sat 29 Apr ’23

    In 2014, De Verleiders surprised friends and foes with their unprecedentedly sharp attack on the monetary system and the banks. A rock had been thrown into the pond... Has anything changed? It's gotten worse. So, there is inevitably a sequel.

  • Mission Molière

    Het Zuidelijk Toneel | Sarah Moeremans
    Wed 3 May ’23

    Do you ever suffer from morning mood? Do you sometimes hate everyone: politicians, fellow road users and the guests on de Slimste Mens? Jealous of a hermit hiding in the Alaskan forests?

  • Keizer zonder Kleren

    De Spelersfederatie i.s.m. De Theatertroep
    Sun 7 May ’23

    We see how the ruling power, entrenched in its own idea of ​​what it is supposed to be, eventually falls from its throne through an apparently innocent question from outside.

  • Laura H.

    Theater Oostpool
    Thu 18 May ’23

    Laura H. is a story that fits seamlessly into the objective that Toneelgroep Oostpool endorses: telling contemporary stories about themes that we need to talk about today. No matter how painful or incomprehensible they sometimes are. They are stories that need to be heard and shared.

  • John en Gena

    Tue 23 May ’23

    From the late 1960s to the mid-1980s, filmmaker couple John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands fought against the Hollywood cult. Their work balanced on the line between fiction and reality, with their personal lives as the greatest source of inspiration.

  • Laagland

    Het Nationale Theater
    Wed 7 Jun ’23
    Sat 10 Jun ’23
    A green comedy with a black edge

    In a small community surrounded by greenery, the peace and quiet is rudely disrupted when the local recreational lake is designated as a destination for climate-neutral water homes.

  • Het achtste leven (voor Brilka)

    Theater Oostpool | Nina Spijkers
    Fri 10 May ’24

    A heart-wrenching drama, told from the perspective of the female characters. An emotional, visual and musical journey through the twentieth century with live music sung and played.