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  • Gaafland

    Parktheater Eindhoven en Het Nationale Theater
    Thu 1 Jun ’23

    Het Nationale Theater en Parktheater Eindhoven vragen zich in de aanloop naar de première van Laagland af hoe de samenwerking tussen burgers en politici in werkelijkheid eigenlijk verloopt. Gaafland is een theatrale avond over burgerparticipatie.

  • Laagland

    Het Nationale Theater
    Wed 7 Jun ’23
    Sat 10 Jun ’23
    A green comedy with a black edge

    In a small community surrounded by greenery, the peace and quiet is rudely disrupted when the local recreational lake is designated as a destination for climate-neutral water homes.

  • Kunu

    Fri 30 Jun ’23

    De humeurige Afrikaanse God Elegua is mensen moe. Hij vindt ze onverteerbaar, koppig en willen niet leren. Waarom zou hij zijn tijd verspillen aan onzinnige levensvragen als ze toch niet luisteren…

  • De monteur en het meisje

    Wonka X Wildpark
    Tue 11 Jul ’23

    Wonka Podia en Wildpark gaan on tour met De monteur en het meisje! Samen brengen we deze voorstelling naar open buitenlocaties in Eindhoven, Valkenswaard, Veldhoven, Bergeijk en Helmond. Elk kind (en volwassene) is van harte uitgenodigd om gratis te komen kijken. Op 11 juli speelt de voorstelling op het Snelliushof in Eindhoven.  



  • Alleen met de goden

    Afslag Eindhoven
    Fri 1 Sep ’23
    Sun 10 Sep ’23

    When Aaron is 11 years old, an unfamiliar man stands in the doorway. His father, Leen, knocks him to the ground. Not even that hard, but the blow is fatal. Leen ends up in prison, and Aaron and his mother Jo are left with a large debt. They struggle their way through life, always on guard. Alleen met de goden shows the effects of poverty and of keeping your head above water when you have nothing. The story is permeated with disaster, but there is a strong positive undercurrent: as long as a person believes in his own strength, he can overcome a great deal.

  • Het Debuut 2023

    Via Rudolphi Producties
    Thu 28 Sep ’23

    In one evening, discover three different performances by theater makers of the future. During Het Debuut, you will experience the most impressive graduation performances from 2023, by makers whom you will undoubtedly hear more of. Which shows will you see? That's still a surprise...

  • Pow wow

    Thu 5 Oct ’23

    Pow wow questions how we, coming from different beliefs and traditions, care for our parents and the elderly (with dementia). What do we take for granted, and what do we experience as a task? Where do our beliefs clash, and what can we learn from each other? Theater company MINOUX invites you to a festive, cheerful and often moving encounter between different generations. Especially for this performance, MINOUX founded the Bende van Alzheimer: dancing  70-plussers who enjoy sharing their opinions and questions with the audience.

  • Lehman Trilogy

    Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
    Thu 12 Oct ’23
    Fri 13 Oct ’23

    In the middle of the 19th century, three Jewish brothers emigrate from Bavaria to America. Living in the deep south, they start a small fabrics shop. They get rich in the cotton trade. Their family business develops into a dizzying financial empire that is handed down from generation to generation and continues to grow. In 2008, it is jointly responsible for the financial and banking crisis. This is how Lehman Brothers self-destructs. Lehman Trilogy has made waves on the West End and Broadway in recent years. Directed by Guy Cassiers, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam is performing this unparalleled story spanning 150 years in Dutch for the first time.

  • Doe eens lief

    Maas Theater en Dans
    Sun 15 Oct ’23

    In Doe eens lief, we practice the art of being sweet. With few words and a lot of climbing, falling, drawing, arguing, dancing and colliding. 

  • ik

    Het Houten Huis & Nordland Visual Theater
    Sun 15 Oct ’23

    I've been running into myself too often lately. This morning, I left home on time, but once outdoors, I turned out to be partially still in bed. When I came back in the evening, my left-behind-self had blockaded the door. Through the window, I saw him running through the house. Everything had been turned upside down. The emails from my computer were crammed into the refrigerator, my goldfish were swimming around the houseplants, and my dirty laundry was hanging to dry outside. I saw him quickly slip into a painting on the wall. Now, I'm hiding under the bedcovers, but I know he's watching me…

  • de bAAs

    de zAAk A
    try-out | KinderTheaterWeek
    Tue 17 Oct ’23

    The world-famous animal trainer Monica A. and her poodle DingDong are entering the arena for their act ‘Dingen met Ringen’. But when Monica gets mad at DingDong again and starts to act as the boss, the tables turn. This leads to a power struggle. First the musician, then a cop, and finally the entire audience is dragged into the question: who is in charge here? de bAAs humorously takes you into the world of philosophy. Classic philosophical questions and themes are translated in an accessible way via a disruptive theater experience.

  • Theaterversie van de Keti Koti Tafel

    Orkater in samenwerking met Stichting Keti Koti Tafel
    Onderdeel van de plantage van onze voorouders
    Fri 27 Oct ’23

    Orkater en Stichting Keti Koti Tafel bieden vijftig mensen de kans om deel te nemen aan een theaterversie van de Keti Koti Tafel, voorafgaand aan de voorstelling De plantage van onze voorouders. Ervaar zelf hoe een persoonlijke uitwisseling tussen witte mensen en mensen van kleur, je tot betekenisvolle inzichten laat komen over de sporen van het slavernijverleden en hoe dit in het heden nog wordt gevoeld. Een gesprek met kleine hapjes en eeuwenoude liederen en rituelen, die ook in de voorstelling een belangrijke rol spelen.

  • Vecht

    Maxine Palit de Jongh, Zephyr Brüggen, Nadia Amin | Likeminds
    Fri 3 Nov ’23
    Sat 4 Nov ’23

    What does it mean when you are stripped naked by the government? What does it mean if you always have to be wary of your last name, your origin, your dual nationality? Maxine Palit de Jongh wrote the poignant monologue Vecht based on the Dutch childcare benefits scandal. We witness the demise of Zafirah, a young spirited woman who works for the legal department of a government agency, who is raising two children, and who is crushed by the racist wheels of the government. Envelope after envelope arrives on her doormat in which Zafirah is labeled a fraudster.

  • De grote ik heb hier geen zin in show

    Theater Artemis
    Sun 5 Nov ’23

    In this dialogue-free children's performance, you see how unsuspecting people suddenly find themselves in the spotlight. 

  • So Far So Good

    Wat we doen | Theater Rotterdam
    Thu 9 Nov ’23

    Night falls. We're in a shop. Outside on the street, turmoil is mounting. Are those young people hanging around out there? Is it a party, or will this be a flare-up of antisocial riots? And why are they there?