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  • Een avond gezelligheid

    Aaf Brandt Corstius en Lies Visschedijk
    Wed 6 Dec ’23

    Ze zijn vriendinnen voor het leven, maar stonden nog nooit met elkaar op een podium. Gelukkig komt daar deze winter verandering in. Lies en Aaf helpen je namelijk de donkere dagen door met een hartverwarmende theatervoorstelling. 

  • Alleen Familie

    Huub Stapel
    Thu 7 Dec ’23

    No quarrel cuts as deep as a family quarrel. At the same time, it is the one bond you can never get rid of. You can dissolve a marriage, you can end a friendship, but family always remains. Huub Stapel is back with his successful performance Alleen Familie and leads you, more personally than ever, through celebrations of recognition and hidden pasts.

  • Brabantse nachten zijn lang

    Margôt Ros
    Thu 14 Dec ’23
    Sun 17 Dec ’23

    A tragicomic evening on the edge of real and absolutely made up. Margôt Ros leads the way: hilarious, poignant, sparkling and sometimes painful. Celebrate, but with a lump in your throat. She talks about family quarrels that get completely out of hand, losing virginity during carnival, comforting sausage rolls, and other Brabant crown jewels. In procession, she showcases memorable characters and lively anecdotes from her youth, and she gives 'our pa' the rightful leading role. In Brabantse nachten zijn lang (audience favorite of 2022), you’ll see how you can celebrate life until the very last moment and that dying well is an art. Co-production with Parktheater Eindhoven.

  • What Ever Happened to Mr. Pete?

    Het Zuidelijk Toneel
    Fri 15 Dec ’23

    What Ever Happened to Mr. Pete? is not your usual play. This disorienting theater experience is a search for the truth behind Mr. Pete. Who is he? And who are we actually? A necessary question in these times of algorithms, digitization and the celebration of our happiness as free individuals. It’s about loneliness, communality and loss of control. A shared quest as Mr. Pete gets to know himself through short, funny scenes, populated by a motley crew of characters. Based on the work of Harold Pinter, Samuel Beckett, Luis Buñuel and David Lynch.

  • Prima Facie

    Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
    Wed 20 Dec ’23
    Thu 21 Dec ’23

    Eline Arbo regisseert Maria Kraakman in het prijswinnende toneelstuk van auteur Suzie Miller. De snoeiharde monoloog, die furore maakte op West End en Broadway, is nu voor het eerst in het Nederlands te zien.

  • Zvizdal

    openingsvoorstelling Nieuwe Maan festival
    Wed 10 Jan ’24

    Due to the explosion of a reactor, the lives of the people living in and around the city of Pripyat take a drastic turn. The people from nearly 90 towns and villages situated within a 30 km radius around the reactor are being evacuated, never to return. Pétro and Nadia, a couple born and raised in Zvizdal, refuse to be evacuated and decline the offer of a new home. They prefer to stay in their old village, in their own home. A universal portrait about loneliness, survival, poverty, hope, and yes, also the love between two people surrounded by a colorless, odorless but permanent radiation hazard.

  • Augustus: Oklahoma

    Toneelgroep Maastricht | Theateralliantie
    Fri 12 Jan ’24
    Sat 13 Jan ’24

    You don't choose your family, you’re given it. Augustus: Oklahoma tells the tragicomic story of the Weston family, torn apart by deep-rooted secrets and unfulfilled desires. The three broken generations ruthlessly and relentlessly confront each other, through which the truth inevitably emerges. The unforgettable characters, razor-sharp humor and live music make this high-level drama captivating up to the very last second. Directed by Michel Sluysmans. With Ariane Schluter, Porgy Franssen and others

  • Transit

    Tue 23 Jan ’24

    Transit is a surreal, physical performance about being stuck 'in-between'. The feeling of an eternal transit zone at an airport where no plane ever arrives or departs. 

  • Verzoeknummer

    Golden Palace
    Wed 24 Jan ’24

    In 1973 Franz Xaver Kroetz wrote a special play in which there is no speaking: Wunschkonzert.

  • Wunderbaum speelt live (online gaat het mis)

    Tue 30 Jan ’24

    In this performance, Wunderbaum tackles one of the most pressing questions of this century: How much of our time do we want to spend online? As parents and educators, we hear stories of kids taking on different identities in 20 different Whatsapp groups, secretly owning a second phone, and preferring to celebrate New Year's with their friends online in #World of Warcraft#. Or is that all just exaggeration? And what right do we actually have to speak if we regularly find ourselves scrolling and staring at a screen when our child is talking to us?


    Johnny Kraaijkamp & Soy Kroon
    Wed 31 Jan ’24

    Johnny Kraaijkamp and Soy Kroon not only share their personal stories in this comic performance, but also put themselves in the shoes of many others. Through hilarious skits, they shed a comic light on a number of unavoidable modern-day themes. For example, what are you still allowed to say today? And how can you not be forgotten when you're gone? Kraaij & Kroon are searching for answers to these questions. According to them, one thing is clear: there can be... no, there must be laughter.

  • A Case for the Existence of God

    Theater Rotterdam | Erik Whien
    Thu 1 Feb ’24

    Erik Whien brings a heart-warming story about hope, even when all seems lost. In A Case for the Existence of God, by American playwright Samuel D. Hunter, we see an unlikely friendship develop between two single fathers. After the successes of Verdriet is het ding met veren and Slachthuis vijf, director Erik Whien is bringing the first Dutch adaptation of this acclaimed performance to the theater. In an intimate dialogue, actors Emmanuel Ohene Boafo (winner Louis d'Or 2021) and Bram Suijker (winner Louis d'Or 2022) appear together on the stage.

  • Maankoningin

    Club Lam
    Wed 21 Feb ’24

    Maria Theresa of Austria struggles in her marriage to the 'Sun King', Louis XIV, who is primarily concerned with his own ballet spectacles and affairs. As a result, Maria gathers a colorful group of fortune tellers, circus performers and opera singers around her who soften the loneliness. When she suddenly falls ill, the doctor can do nothing for her. The health care system is focused on men. Maria slowly dies. “As queen, I have only been happy for one day”, were her last words. Theater collective Club Lam broadens our view of being a woman. They tackle clichéd images of historical female figures in a humorous way.

  • En ze leefden nog lang en gelukkig

    Het Zuidelijk Toneel | Stichting Nieuwe Helden
    Thu 22 Feb ’24

    What if we really listened to children? The Netherlands is a rich country, and yet there is much poverty and inequality. We talk about it and do everything, but nothing changes. This time, we’re turning it around -- on stage, you’ll see an amazing set and an 11-year-old child who will take you into a fairy tale of our time. Let yourself be surprised, touched, amazed and astonished, and just maybe believe again that fairy tales exist.

  • Murder on The Oriënt Express

    Remko Vrijdag, Gerrie van der Klei, Frederik Brom e.a
    Wed 28 Feb ’24

    Following the success of The Mousetrap, Agatha Christie's ultimate plot-twist murder mystery, Murder on the Orient Express, is coming to the theater with an absolutely star-studded cast! When a murder is committed aboard the Orient Express, the blood-curdling search for the culprit begins. Experience the ultimate evening full of intrigue, suspense, mystery and unexpected plot twists. Keep your wits about you because anyone could have done it... A murder case you won't soon forget. Also featuring: Lone van Rosendaal, Wilbert Gieske, Ruben Brinkman and others.

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