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  • Pryor

    George en Eran Producties
    Tue 4 Apr ’23
    Wed 5 Apr ’23

    Richard Pryor gave a voice to a large group of African Americans who, at the time, barely had a voice. He was the first to bring the world and language of the street to the stage. Experience the story of this legendary stand-up comedian and actor live in the Parktheater!

    • Tue 4 Apr ’23 20:30
    • Wed 5 Apr ’23 20:30
    • Tue 4 Apr ’23 20:30
    • Wed 5 Apr ’23 20:30
  • Saman Amini’s Integratieplan

    Black Sheep Can Fly
    Fri 16 Jun ’23

    In a hilarious, intimate and at times painful way, Saman Amini explains how we interact with each other in this multicultural society.