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Music theater
  • Hamlet

    Tue 2 Jan ’24
    Wed 10 Jan ’24

    Hamlet is a thinker and a man of science; he stands resolute and is not easily disturbed. He leads a princely life, studies at the university in Wittenburg and is head over heels in love with the beautiful Ophelia, who eagerly returns his love.

  • Spraakmakers

    Theatraal muziekverhaal
    Gluren bij de buren: Muziekgebouw Eindhoven
    Sat 27 Jan ’24

    Spraakmakers is een concertserie die klassieke muziek verbindt met de wereld van vandaag. Tijdens deze avond smeden Nederlandse topacteurs en topensembles prikkelende verhalen en bijpassende klassieke muziekwerken tot een nieuwe vertelling. Tegelijkertijd verteld én gespeeld, als één theatraal muziekverhaal. 

  • De Meester en Margarita

    Orkater | KONVOOI
    Sat 2 Mar ’24

    Based on Bulgakov's masterpiece De Meester en Margarita, KONVOOI investigates how man survives in a world in which truth seems to have lost its value. It is a search for something to hold on to in a time when people claim the right to their own reality. And facts seem to be just an opinion. A modern adaptation of a classic from the history of literature, interspersed with musical numbers and harmonious vocals.

  • Dreumesconcert

    Krulmuziek, klassiek voor kleintjes
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    A concert for fascinated ears, dancing feet and wiggly bottoms!

  • Blub!

    Krulmuziek, klassiek voor kleintjes
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    Blub! Swim with us in the sea of music where the sounds of violin, viola and the great cello sway on the waves. Dive deeper and deeper to the sounds of classical water music together with the fish, seahorses, octopus and jellyfish.



    Circus Treurdier
    Fri 22 Mar ’24

    Are you humble, the kind who doesn't like to impose on anyone? Or were you born to take the spotlight? An ever-present chatterbox who never minces words? Circus Treurdier is back with BAAAAAA, a musical and bitter-comic performance about a humble person in an extremely vocal world. BAAAAAA was selected for the Official Jury Selection 2022 by the Nederlandse Toneeljury, Jan-Paul Buijs was nominated for the Louis d'Or, and closing song Goddank was nominated for the Annie M.G. Schmidt Prize 2022.

  • Het Wim Sonneveld-Complex

    Tarik Moree en Tim Olivier Somer
    Wed 10 Apr ’24
    Thu 11 Apr ’24

    Het Wim Sonneveld-Complex is a musical performance about the life and work of Wim Sonneveld. Two young men compete for the best rendition of the legend. The battle ends in a duel. With factual knowledge, symposia and songs, they try to outdo each other. And in doing so, they stumble over themselves, each other and their surroundings. After a successful summer at Theaterfestival de Parade, actors Tarik Moree and Tim Olivier Somer and director Daniël 't Hoen are now coming to the theater with a full evening performance!

  • Marlene

    Sven Ratzke
    Sat 13 Apr ’24

    The international theater hit Marlene is coming to the Netherlands. A dazzling music theater piece with Sven Ratzke in the role of legend Marlene Dietrich. A film goddess full of mystery and glamour, who had a second world career as a chansonnière, but chose isolation during the last years of her life, completely withdrawing into her Parisian apartment. Marlene gives a glimpse into the soul of a world-famous legend. Infused with beautiful music and clothed by master couturiers Viktor & Rolf, this balances between grand theater and an intimate one-woman show, full of villainous humor and great emotion. Marlene leaves no one untouched.

  • Supernormaal

    Sun 14 Apr ’24

    "An ordinary day becomes a party full of colorful, wildly unordinary figures. Suddenly, a hairy blue figure starts hopping around, and the curtains start dancing to the beat. Being different is not a weakness at all. In fact, it might just be a superpower. This performance is inspired by the illustrated poetry book by Ted van Lieshout Wij zijn bijzonder, misschien zijn wij een wonder. Supernormal is a funny and moving performance with live music that will make you dance in your chair."

  • Maan

    ROSE stories
    Fri 3 May ’24

    As two astronauts prepare for departure, a lunar landscape unfolds in which you learn how to walk, jump and even dance in space. Fly to the red deserts of Mars, slide on the ring of Saturn, pass by the giant Jupiter, and disappear on Pluto. Enter the cosmic bubble of MAAN and join us on a journey of discovery through the universe! An adventure with dance, music and an extensive educational package with specific attention to the role of women in space travel.

  • Het achtste leven (voor Brilka)

    Theater Oostpool | Nina Spijkers
    Fri 10 May ’24

    This theater adaptation of the thick novel Het Achtste Leven (for Brilka) will be a grand and epic music theater performance. A heartbreaking actor's drama, told from the perspective of the female characters. An emotional, visual and musical journey through the twentieth century, with music sung and played live.

  • Brown Sugar Baby

    Het Nationale Theater
    Wed 22 May ’24
    Thu 23 May ’24

    1935, Hotel der Nederlanden in Batavia, Dutch East Indies. The Indian family band Brown's Sugar Babies is getting ready for the grand final of the jazz competition. The party hall is filling up, but backstage everything goes wrong. Meanwhile, the hotel is teeming with the most shady characters. As problems pile up at lightning speed, bandleader Kurt does everything he can to save his show. Brown Sugar Baby is a swinging and nerve-racking comedy about an Indian jazz band in the turbulent aftermath of the Dutch colony.

  • Kliekjesfeest

    De Klimaatjes
    Sun 23 Jun ’24

    After Plasticsoep, the Klimaatjes are going on an adventure again in this cheerful, musical and educational performance: Kliekjesfeest!