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Comedy in the Parktheater

  • Best Of

    Tobi Kooiman
    Fri 6 Oct ’23

    Tobi Kooiman is a cabaret artist, stand-up comedian, mathematician and stoic. He tries to tackle life and everyday issues with his sense of logic, seeing (non-)causal connections and unraveling misuse of statistics. Clear right? On stage, yes; beyond that, it invariably puts him in wonderful situations. He accepts that the audience will laugh unabashedly throughout his stories.

  • Comedy Café

    The Laughing Lizard - 23/24
    Wed 11 Oct ’23
    Fri 24 May ’24

    "A popular series of comedy set in a café atmosphere in the Kameleon. Tables, a bar, and warm lighting. You hear the familiar sounds of gently clinking glasses and music playing. An MC enters, and he asks for your applause. Excitement mounts as the first artist is announced. Who will it be? Comedians and cabaret artists take the stage, from well-known names to up-and-coming talents. Every night is different. Don't miss these evenings if you like to laugh!"

  • Jannie The Showdog

    Henry van Loon
    Wed 18 Oct ’23
    Thu 19 Oct ’23

    Henry van Loon wants to leave the house. Do you share that feeling? Then come along! Call the babysitting service or have someone look after your plants, and find out what's left to smile about after two years of lockdown.

  • Drift

    Christian van Eijkelenburg
    Thu 26 Oct ’23

    Which emotions, behaviors and desires have we accepted and which have we not? Drift is a refreshing, absurd cabaret spectacle about (not) giving in to your own human urges. Using idiosyncratic stories, mixed with electronic beats, colorful visual dream-images, philosophical outbursts, absurd lip-sync acts and theatrical tantrums, Christian van Eijkelenburg searches for answers and shows our (in)ability to be ourselves amongst others.

  • N00b speelt N00b

    Sat 28 Oct ’23

    N00b plays n00b is about being a n00b: a newbie, a novice, a rookie, a nobody. Switching from one scene to the next, n00b shows you how weird and laughable reality can be sometimes. Humor dressed up in a modern jacket. Losers you get a soft heart for. Cabaret for and by the n00bs of this world, an ode to the loner and a heartwarming trip. The duo n00b, formed by Laura Bakker and Isabelle Kafando, had a dream debut last season with a tidal wave of rave reviews.

  • Welcome to the Rebellion!

    Michael van Peel
    Tue 31 Oct ’23

    After ten acclaimed year’s end performances, Michael van Peel is delving deeper into the zeitgeist in this performance. Not a year’s end performance, but rather a multi-year performance full of tragi-cosmic jokes about the state of the planet, the new generations and the growing resistance to… uh… everything! Against scientists, the elite, crocs, corona, white men... Everyone is against something, but no one stands for anything anymore. Enough! There is an urgent need to rebel against this. The Farce is strong. Use the Farce!

  • Tis Hier Geen Hotel 2

    Dianne Liesker, Ellen Dikker & Hanneke Drenth
    Sat 11 Nov ’23

    Even more slamming of doors, hopeless hanging out on the couch, and empty packaging left in the fridge. In their brand-new performance Tis Hier Geen Hotel 2, cabaret artists Ellen Dikker, Hanneke Drenth and Dianne Liesker show what happens when teenagers regard your house as a hotel. And why this results in a permanent state of chaos. But though our teenagers sometimes drive us crazy, we love them still, and we can usually laugh quite hard with … and at them. And they about us too because 'OMG, we are so boomer'.

  • Deze is nog beter!

    Annick Boer
    Wed 15 Nov ’23

    Regarding her previous performance Dat is goed gelukt, it was said: 'Annick can turn an everyday story into magical theater'. Now, she is doing that again. Comedic performances full of self-mockery and beautiful songs that guarantee a wonderful evening of cabaret. Her first performance was a success, but this one will be even better! Annick Boer is known to the general public for her many characters in Kopspijkers, Kanniewaarzijn, the TV-Kantine and also from Wie is de Mol?. This second performance is completely self-produced with live music by Jean Louis van Dam.

  • Er gaat nog iets heel moois gebeuren

    Peter Heerschop en Viggo Waas
    Thu 16 Nov ’23

    Peter and Viggo, half of the legendary cabaret group NUHR, are appearing on stage together. After Viggo's stroke last year, they feel even more urgency to perform. They are waiting for a special event. Which they think will come. They try bringing together everything that they are and that they have done together, including NUHR dialogues, Waiting For Godot and their shared fascination for top sport. They also try to process Viggo's stroke. What does that mean for them? They are searching for the secret of 'The Holy Grail of Friendship' in a performance about life and its disappearance. Full of wonderful anecdotes, painful silences, new discoveries, despair and solutions.

  • 60..? We zien wel

    Paul de Leeuw
    Fri 17 Nov ’23

    Paul de Leeuw, now 60, realizes that the biggest part of his life is over. He looks back and looks ahead. He considers the loss of his father, the many girlfriends of his sons, and such guilty pleasures as being home alone with a jar of mayonnaise and the television program lang leve de liefde. But why does he suddenly get so angry? And why are there so many excuses these days?

  • De Zieke Geest

    André Manuel
    Fri 17 Nov ’23

    Man remains an enigmatic creature. Why does one choose a career as a porn actor while the other doesn't get any further than masturbating to the latest Wehkamp catalog. And why is it that it is only men who aspire to the role of serial killer, while women get no further than the role as victim? How does a person become a war criminal? Is black possible without white? And what do we do with all the gray? These are the questions Manuel will find an answer to in De Zieke Geest. Part 1 of an already legendary trilogy.

  • No ponies – Een éénmansrevue

    Alex Klaasen
    Sat 18 Nov ’23

    After the overwhelming success of Showponies 1, 2 and Snowponies, Alex Klaasen is on his own again. Simply because he needs to be. No more whinnying around him, no more constantly having to dismount from his show-horse. No, just some time for himself. One moment for Alex. In this time too, a bold procession of colorful characters will come along. And of course, there is a ridiculous amount of singing again, from opera to acoustic musical saw, and Alex will sing all of the highlights from the classical ballet repertoire all on his own. Without help, but with real ballet tights.

  • Resumé 1

    Jan Beuving
    Wed 22 Nov ’23

    The most frequently asked question after his performances is: can the songs still be listened to somewhere? The answer to that was always 'no'. Until now! After six cabaret programs with a total of more than 70 songs, Jan Beuving takes stock and comes to sing the very best again. With a four-piece band led by his regular composer Tom Dicke, it will be an evening with nothing but highlights. Jan explains why Kees Torn is his great hero, what Maarten Roozendaal taught him, and answers the question: does the truth make the song more beautiful, or does the truth become more beautiful than the song? Jan Beuving has won two Annie M.G. Schmidt Prizes and a Willem Wilmink Prize for his lyrics.

  • Srefidensi Comedy Vibe

    Comedy Vibe
    Fri 24 Nov ’23

    After a sold-out edition last year, Srefidensi Vibe Eindhoven will be even bigger and even more merry this year! On November 25, 2023, it will be 48 years ago that Suriname became independent from the Netherlands. Together with the funnest and funniest comedians with Surinamese roots, Comedy Vibe wants to give the audience another unforgettable evening. With stand-up comedy, tasty food and great music, Comedy Vibe will make it a fantastic party again. This show is organized by the Surinamese community and is for everyone who has an affinity with Suriname. The comedians will be announced later.

  • Subliem - Oudejaars 2023

    Lebbis & Jansen
    Tue 28 Nov ’23

    Subliem is the New Year's Eve 2023 show by Hans Sibbel, multi-award winning comedian and children's book author, and Dolf Jansen, lover of raw vegetables and getting lost. For Dolf, it will be his 35th New Year's Eve show; for Hans, it will be a return to his childhood love. And he has a lot of love for this show too!

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