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  • Wetenschap voor iedereen

    Universiteit van Nederland Live
    Fri 6 Oct ’23

    At work, during your studies, in the pub or while enjoying your holiday…. science is everywhere. In Science for everyone, live theater lectures are given by top scientists. Not endless talk, but rather good interactive stories that you will learn something from and can laugh about. The lectures and experiments deal with themes such as money, the climate, AI/future, love/sex, healthy living, music and the brain. The University of the Netherlands will bring science closer to you with this fascinating show. And all that under the inspirational leadership of presenter and comedian Fuad Hassen.

  • Filosofietsen

    Wim Daniëls
    Tue 24 Oct ’23

    Language expert Wim Daniëls explains the history of the bicycle in a surprising and entertaining way and answers questions such as: Who invented the bicycle? Where does the word "bicycle" come from? Why was it long thought that women did not belong on a bicycle? How do you stick a tire? Who was the first Dutchman to travel the wide world by bicycle? Why is the chain guard on the right side of the frame and the bell usually on the left? A visit to Pilosofietsen makes cycling even more enjoyable.

  • Theaterversie van de Keti Koti Tafel

    Orkater in collaboration with the Keti Koti Table Foundation
    Onderdeel van de plantage van onze voorouders
    Fri 27 Oct ’23

    Orkater and the Keti Koti Tafel Foundation are offering fifty people the opportunity to take part in a theater version of the Keti Koti Tafel, prior to the performance De plantage van ons voorouders. Experience for yourself how a personal exchange between white people and people of color allows you to gain meaningful insights about the traces of the slavery past and how this is still felt today in the present. A conversation accompanied by light snacks and age-old songs and rituals, which also play an important role in the performance.

  • Voor ieder wat waars

    Rob Wijnberg | De Correspondent live
    Let's talk about Democracy
    Wed 8 Nov ’23

    Do we still believe in truth, or do we only believe in our own truth? Rob Wijnberg shows how we all arrive at our own facts. The result: a society without solidarity in which we trust politics and the media less and less. The only thing that can change that is a bigger story about progress in the 21st century. A story about the next step forward, which shows that together we are capable of unthinkable changes. Voor ieder wat waars is a powerful remedy against the stubborn cynicism and the perceived powerlessness of our time.

  • Zoveel Meer Dan Zeven Vinkjes

    Joris Luyendijk
    Let's talk about Democracy
    Tue 14 Nov ’23

    Men like Joris Luyendijk dominate the world. They are the standard to which everyone must conform. They never need to put themselves in the shoes of others in order to move up. But why do we actually give power to these people with so little life experience? In this performance Zoveel Meer Dan Zeven Vinkjes, Joris takes a sharp and self-deprecating look at his and his classmates' world. How is your personality shaped and distorted when your privileges make you miss out on all kinds of life experiences?

  • Langs de zijderoute met Ruben & Jelle

    Ruben Terlou en Jelle Brandt Corstius
    Let's talk about Democracy
    Mon 20 Nov ’23

    Ruben Terlou and Jelle Brandt Corstius, makers of the impressive VPRO travel series Langs de nieuwe zijderoute, are coming to the Parktheater! This time, these natural-born storytellers are taking theatergoers on their own journeys.

  • Auti-communicatie verbindt

    Mensen met en zonder autisme
    Tue 26 Mar ’24

    You communicate together. But what if one thinks very differently from the other? This quickly leads to miscommunication and misunderstanding on both sides. Colette de Bruin, founder of the Give Me the 5 method, often sees this happening between people with and without autism.

  • De Grote Europashow

    De Kiesmannen
    Tue 7 May ’24

    Five years ago, in 2019, there was hardly a concern. But in an unbelievably short period of time, our continent has been ravaged by an unprecedented pandemic, a drought and inflation. The devastating war in Ukraine, on top of all this, will prove to be a turning point in European history. But what should the future of Europe look like? In a musical show full of satire and sharp analyses, De Kiesmannen will take you along in De Grote Europashow. So that you’ll know exactly what to vote for in May 2024.

  • Rust in je hoofd

    Michael Pilarczyk
    Tue 14 May ’24

    Why are we too busy with everything and don't have enough time to just enjoy? Press the pause button on yourself for an hour and a half during this inspiring theater program. Michael Pilarczyk tells you what you can do to increase your happiness, make your restless and anxious thoughts disappear, and get peace of mind again. Michael has sold 500,000 books about the power of the mind, meditation and mindfulness. His book Master Your Mindset has been on the list of best-selling books for three years, and more than 250,000 Dutch and Belgians use the Meditation Moments app with his soothing voice every day.