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  • MELK

    Mylène d’Anjou, Jonathan Demoor, Roben Mitchell e.a.
    Sat 9 Dec ’23

    No one is a mother by nature. You become it. With trial and error. MELK is a brave new musical about motherhood in all its facets. A candid musical full of courage and humor, created and told by a collective of explosive new talent. After seeing this 'mother breeding' musical, you’ll see your mother, yourself and that woman with the screaming child in an airplane through a totally different lens.

  • Disney Winnie de Poeh

    Morssinkhof Terra Theaterproducties
    Sun 14 Jan ’24

    Disney's iconic Winnie the Pooh, Janneman (Christopher) Robinson, and their best friends Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roe, Rabbit and Owl (oh...and don't forget Tigger!) come to life in a beautifully imagined musical adaptation. 

  • Pietje Bell en de Bende van de Zwarte hand

    Rick Engelkes Producties
    Sun 21 Jan ’24

    Pietje Bell has a heart of gold, and through her cheerful adventures, the whole city is turned upside down. When one day a wealthy businessman decides to demolish a poor neighborhood, Pietje rebels. 


    Brigitte Heitzer, René van Kooten, Soraya Gerrits e.a.
    Tue 23 Jan ’24
    Sun 28 Jan ’24

    The hit musical Mamma Mia! is perhaps the most popular musical of the past twenty years. In 2024, this brand-new version of the international ABBA musical sensation can be seen in the Parktheater.

  • Nijntje de musical

    Nijntje en haar vriendjes
    25 okt: KinderTheaterWeek
    Sun 18 Feb ’24

    Who does not know Nijntje, The whole of the Netherlands loves this world-famous bunny. In a grand setting and with beautiful costumes, Nijntjes world is brought to life in the theatre. Experience the adventures of Nijntje and her friends and enjoy the new stories.

  • Peter Pan de musical

    Morssinkhof Terra Theaterproducties
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    Fantastic adventures await Wendy when Peter Pan flies into her bedroom and takes her to the magical world of Neverland. 

  • Robin Hood

    Phion | Theater Sonnevanck
    Fri 15 Mar ’24

    Everyone knows the legend of Robin Hood. Robin and his friends shoot arrows faster than light and steal hearts before you can say boo or bah. 

  • Boni de Musical

    Stichting Doewet | Het Zuidelijk Toneel | Vereniging Ons Suriname
    Sat 13 Apr ’24

    This musical tells the mythical life story of Boni and his fight against slavery in the Surinamese midlands. Boni is one of the most imaginative resistance heroes. He becomes the leader in a long and bitter fight against the Dutch regime. In this modern musical, a large group of dancers, singers, actors and musicians take you back to the 18th century, with singing, spoken word, rap and soul. Boni, de musical is about a wound in history, about betrayal, resistance, love, and brotherhood. A truth-based spectacular and compelling story.

  • Marlene

    Sven Ratzke
    Sat 13 Apr ’24

    The international theater hit Marlene is coming to the Netherlands. A dazzling music theater piece with Sven Ratzke in the role of legend Marlene Dietrich. A film goddess full of mystery and glamour, who had a second world career as a chansonnière, but chose isolation during the last years of her life, completely withdrawing into her Parisian apartment. Marlene gives a glimpse into the soul of a world-famous legend. Infused with beautiful music and clothed by master couturiers Viktor & Rolf, this balances between grand theater and an intimate one-woman show, full of villainous humor and great emotion. Marlene leaves no one untouched.

  • 100% COCO New York

    Morssinkhof Terra Theaterproducties
    Sun 14 Apr ’24

    Coco is returning to the theater! The successful series of books and films by Niki Smit is being expanded with a completely new musical: 100% COCO New York!

  • Mees Kees Op Kamp

    Luuk Haaze, Mylène d’Anjou e.a.
    Sun 21 Apr ’24

    In this family musical, Mees Kees goes on a camp to the dunes with his class. Pack your tent and bring your toothbrush, because you all get to come along to camp!

  • De man van La Mancha

    Huub van der Lubbe, Dragan Bakema, Lucretia van der Vloot, Viggo Waas e.a.
    Fri 10 May ’24
    Sun 12 May ’24

    De man van La Mancha, based on the world famous book by Miguel de Cervantes in 1605, tells the fetching story of the knight Don Quixote. The rhythm of flamenco determines the heartbeat of this new and contemporary staging of the beloved musical classic. In this performance, the medieval dungeon is more reminiscent of a flamenco concert, where people find each other by telling stories and creating music. With Huub van der Lubbe as Don Quixote. The performance on May 12 will also include an interpreter for the blind.


  • Ver van je bed

    Annick Boer, Martijn Kardol, Renée de Gruijl e.a.
    Wed 15 May ’24

    When father suddenly leaves with the northern sun, tension within the family runs high. Who feels called upon to secure the future of the family business? The players take you through this humorous, brand-new cabaret musical about identity, the disappearance of social security, and the future of the planet. With comedians Annick Boer and Martijn Kardol, Renée de Gruijl, Mitch Wolterink and Bart van Veldhoven.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    Jeangu Macrooy, Alex Klaasen, Lucas Hamming e.a.
    Wed 4 Sep ’24
    Sun 8 Sep ’24

    Jesus Christ Superstar is the theatrical experience of 2024. A story for and of our time, that is guaranteed to get you thinking. Pure, raw and unparalleled. In an epic version by director Ivo van Hove and with a star cast including Jeangu Macrooy (Jesus), Freek Bartels (Judas), Edwin Jonker (Pilate), Alex Klaasen (King Herod), Magtel de Laat (Mary Magdalene) and the best talents from the Netherlands and abroad. The unforgettable music and lyrics by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber - together with a live orchestra - form the foundation for this theater spectacle sung entirely in English.