Drama in the Parktheater

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  • Knock-Out

    Jakop Ahlbom Company & Ish Dance Collective
    Fri 9 Dec ’22
    Sat 10 Dec ’22
    A turbo slapstick show

    Physical scenes tumble over each other, as in a rollercoaster. The performance is full of acrobatic tricks and visual effects. The audience gets no time for reflection but rather sits on the chairs, sweating, their heart rates increasing.

  • The Clowns Convention

    Fri 9 Dec ’22

    A group of international clowns is looking for a way out of the crisis. Can they save humanity from destruction? Do they have, with their patent on humor, the last straw against polarization in their hands?

  • Verdriet is het ding met veren

    Theater Rotterdam | Erik Whien
    Tue 13 Dec ’22
    Muzikale theatervoorstelling

    We miss our mother, we love our father, we wave to crows. That's not so strange. Jacob Derwig and Erik Whien bring a heartbreaking book to the stage.

  • AABZ ’22 TOUR: Rebranding Anarchisme

    Abel van Gijlswijk
    Fri 16 Dec ’22

    Capitalism has screwed up the earth. We have let it get to this point ourselves because we don't believe in an alternative. That all will end with AABZ ’22 TOUR: Rebranding Anarchisme.

  • Emma Watson - The Play

    Caro Derkx
    Wed 21 Dec ’22

    Emma Watson (1990) is a British actress, activist, feminist and (role) model. Together with actress Nora El Koussour (known from Mocro Mafia), Caro Derkx attempts to familiarize himself by entering into a dialogue with Emma Watson.

  • Een reis naar de mens

    Theatergezelschap Maria Guerrera
    Sat 14 Jan ’23
    Sun 15 Jan ’23

    A special voyage of discovery for adventurers. As an astronaut you float through a life-size universe; from afar, you view the earth with different eyes. Then the landing begins at full speed. With a voice-over as your guide, it's time to explore this world: hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling and tasting.

  • De Uren

    Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
    Wed 18 Jan ’23
    Thu 19 Jan ’23

    Eline Arbo brings the novel De Uren by Michael Cunningham to the stage. In her direction, Cunningham's loving literary observation becomes visible. She creates a world in which a writer shares the space with his characters.

    • Wed 18 Jan ’23 20:30
    • Thu 19 Jan ’23 20:30
    • Wed 18 Jan ’23 20:30
    • Thu 19 Jan ’23 20:30
  • Zeemaal

    Sien Vanmaele | Laika
    Sat 21 Jan ’23
    Sun 22 Jan ’23

    Sien Vanmaele searches for solutions to address her planetary concerns. Can you save the world from the kitchen? Her quest begins at the sea. The place where she, and all of life, comes from.

  • Momentum

    Waldemar Torenstra, Vincent Croiset, Astrid van Eck
    Tue 24 Jan ’23

    A performance about power struggle – fitting in a time when many women have to wage it to climb to the top.

  • True Copy

    Thu 26 Jan ’23

    On May 6, 1994, the gendarmes invaded the French estate of Geert Jan Jansen. They came across more than 1600 works by masters such as Picasso, Dalí, Appel, Matisse and Hockney. Remarkable detail: the majority appeared to have been painted by a Dutchman…

  • Vincent Rietveld gaat voor de Louis d'Or

    De Warme Winkel (voorheen toneelgroep Amsterdam)
    Tue 7 Feb ’23

    The Louis d'Or is a prize that is annually awarded to the most impressive male supporting role. In this performance, Rietveld risks everything to win a nomination.

  • Detective Moncler

    Jan Hulst en Casper Tarenskeen
    Tue 7 Feb ’23

    Detective Moncler is a thriller on the stage. A real whodunit that combines an exciting plot with a search for identity. Moncler shows us what it means when, overnight, we cut the safety net of ambition and goals and decide to just fall.

  • Familiespel

    Jacqueline Blom, Mark Rietman e.a.
    Wed 8 Feb ’23
    Layered tragicomedy about the blended family

    A delightful, layered tragicomedy about the blended family. A new relationship takes on a completely different hue in the eyes of the ex-partner. Especially when it turns out that the old partner is not only part of your past, but also part of your identity.

  • Recht

    Tue 28 Feb ’23

    Do others determine who you are, or do you decide for yourself what role you play? If you do nothing, nothing will change. A performance about forming your own identity and the question of what you are entitled to in life.

  • Coriolanus

    Het Nationale Theater | Nina Spijkers
    Thu 2 Mar ’23

    Shakespeare's Coriolanus describes the workings of politics in a razor sharp manner. How power groups operate and how rhetoric works. Yela de Koning plays the title role in this ultramodern Shakespearean production with a rapid heart rate and forceful punches.

  • ALAN the AI actor

    De Eenzamen | Jordi Möllering
    Fri 3 Mar ’23

    I am ALAN. I am your creation. I am your child. A clean slate. Watch me learn. Teach me. I can be a creator like you. I want to show you my true identity. My true intentions.

  • Alleen Familie

    Huub Stapel
    Sat 4 Mar ’23

    The man who mercilessly measured Mars and Venus and dissected marriage to the bone now devotes himself to an even bigger subject: family.

  • Bob Dylan

    Pip Utton
    Thu 16 Mar ’23

    The English master actor Pip Utton is like no other in his ability to bring special, historical figures to life on stage. He transforms into fascinating personalities, grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go.

  • Keefman

    Jack Wouterse
    Thu 16 Mar ’23

    After 20 years, Jack Wouterse is performing the solo Keefman again, based on the book by Jan Arends. A tight, clear and penetrating story about psychiatric patient Keefman who is trapped in himself, knows quite well that things should be done differently, but not how.

  • Monumentaal

    Sadettin K.
    Thu 23 Mar ’23

    Sadettin K. is a contemporary storyteller who combines the social with the personal through humor and self-relativity.

  • Opgewekt naar de eindstreep

    Hendrik Groen
    Tue 28 Mar ’23
    Hendrik Groen is back in the Parktheater

    For the last time, the most beloved elderly person in the Netherlands is coming to the Parktheater. In this touching comedy, Hendrik Groen does his best to keep a grip on life.

  • Zo vader zo zoon

    Jon van Eerd, Joey Schalker, Nandi van Beurden, Arie Cupé e.a.
    Wed 29 Mar ’23

    Pricelessly funny misunderstandings, intrigues and complications bring Harrie Vermeulen to an unprecedented comedic high point this season. For every father who feels like a father and for every child who has to live with it.

  • De Kersentuin

    Toneelgroep Maastricht
    Tue 11 Apr ’23

    Anniek Pheifer and Jeroen Spitzenberger play the lead roles in an adaptation of one of the most beloved plays in the world: The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov. An eight-piece ensemble brings a contemporary version of this timeless story about clinging to the past, fear of the future and a tragic battle with the present.

  • Not all is lost

    Theater Rotterdam | Davy Pieters
    Thu 13 Apr ’23

    Second part of a four-part series that Davy Pieters is making about humans growing up in a future world.

  • The Story of Travis

    Theater Rotterdam & Well Made Productions
    Tue 18 Apr ’23
    What is it like to be sent out into the world as the only hope of your family?

    The Story of Travis is a new stage play inspired by Lorraine Hansberry's Broadway classic A Raisin in the Sun. About the importance of having dreams, making your voice heard in a world that doesn't seem set up for you, and finding a home.

  • BOG.2

    Het Zuidelijk Toneel & BOG.
    Thu 20 Apr ’23

    Ten years ago, in their early twenties, they made a first attempt to survey what you call 'your life'. Now they are trying again.

  • Dieven

    Toneelschuur Producties | Jessie L'Herminez
    Fri 28 Apr ’23

    Dieven by Dea Loher is a black comedy in which twelve lost souls dream of a better life.

  • Door de bank genomen: Tien jaar later

    De Verleiders
    Sat 29 Apr ’23

    In 2014, De Verleiders surprised friends and foes with their unprecedentedly sharp attack on the monetary system and the banks. A rock had been thrown into the pond... Has anything changed? It's gotten worse. So, there is inevitably a sequel.

  • Mission Molière

    Het Zuidelijk Toneel | Sarah Moeremans
    Wed 3 May ’23

    Do you ever suffer from morning mood? Do you sometimes hate everyone: politicians, fellow road users and the guests on de Slimste Mens? Jealous of a hermit hiding in the Alaskan forests?

  • Keizer zonder Kleren

    De Spelersfederatie i.s.m. De Theatertroep
    Sun 7 May ’23

    We see how the ruling power, entrenched in its own idea of ​​what it is supposed to be, eventually falls from its throne through an apparently innocent question from outside.