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Welcome to all internationals and expats! 
Our No Dutch Required programming consists of performances that are either English spoken, English sur- or subtitled or that are without speech altogether like dance or mime. We hope to see you soon!

An overview of our No Dutch Required-programme:

  • Rhythm & Flow

    ISH Dance Collective
    Thu 7 Mar ’24

    In the new theater performance Rhythm & Flow by ISH Dance Collective, musicians, freerunners and hip-hop dancers gather round the edges of the stage. What happens when the rhythms of these different disciplines merge or clash?

  • Particles of God

    Isabelle Beernaert
    Fri 8 Mar ’24

    With an international top cast, live music by Peter Bogaert, beautiful costumes, a luminous set, and choreography that takes both the bodies onstage and the emotions of the audience on a penetrating journey. Particles of God aims high, to the universe. Constantly in motion. Our home, which connects us all. This creative sparkle leads to a unique artistic interpretation in which music and dance are inextricably linked. Isabelle Beernaert guarantees musical diversity to the rhythm of the performance.

  • De Barbier van Sevilla

    Staatsopera van Moldavie
    Sat 9 Mar ’24

    Perhaps the most well-known operatic aria there is: the famous aria from the Barbier van Sevilla. Rossini wrote this hilarious opera at a very young age, in which two men compete for the hand of the beautiful Rosina. The music still dances and excites and has not lost any of its power. With just a little imagination, you can hear Rossini chuckling in the background, sometimes even laughing out loud. If music can still fascinate and entertain people worldwide after more than 200 years, then that is already a special quality in itself.

  • Digital Twin

    Another Kind of Blue
    Fri 15 Mar ’24

    Do the digital and physical worlds need each other to exist? How do they relate to each other, and how do they work together? The new full-length performance Digital Twin explores the overlapping, but above all, stimulating territory between the two worlds. Four different choreographies investigate what the interaction between this physical and digital world looks like.

  • Glitter

    Antonin Rioche | Korzo & Nederlands Dans Theater
    Sat 16 Mar ’24

    The talented Antonin Rioche likes to push the boundaries between art forms such as film, dance and theater. In his own way, he knows how to put a finger on the sore spots of our modern life. His first full-length performance Glitter is about love, fame and recognition. It beckons to our childhood in which everything seems possible and dreams have not yet faded. A melancholic glimpse of lost moments propels the piece forward. The cast embodies, with a touch of humor, intimate memories of dreams long gone.

  • Blikvangers

    De Stilte
    Sun 24 Mar ’24

    In the beginning, the world was uninhibited. Life was so pristine that curiosity was not troubled by fear or anger. In Blikvangers, two dancers and a musician go back to that beginning with unusual instruments and encounters, which then become normal simply because they are there.

  • Ziel

    Conny Janssen Danst
    Wed 27 Mar ’24

    In search of freedom, lightness, and unexpected encounters. What prevents us from embracing life and breaking through the barriers we place around ourselves and each other? In Ziel, the desire to live fully takes center stage. With a strong, adventurous group of dancers consisting of young talent and familiar faces. In this latest work by choreographer Conny Janssen, we find ourselves in the middle of life, with all the uncertainties and contradictions that go with it.

  • HEAT

    Theater Rotterdam | Davy Pieters
    Tue 16 Apr ’24

    Heat is everywhere. It is impossible to escape it, and all resistance of it is in vain. The ever-rising, uncontrollable temperature affects us all. In HEAT, theater maker Davy Pieters zooms in on the influence that climate change has on the relationships within a family. She examines the way behavior, patterns and trauma are passed on from generation to generation, using the family as a metaphor for our society. A colossal fifty-piece choir creates a firestorm of sound. After #CRISPR#, in which the element of water stood central, and Not all is lost, in which the earth was discussed, Pieters now uses fire as a metaphor for our global system and behaviour.

  • The Bootleg Sixties

    Wed 17 Apr ’24

    The fantastic British group The Bootleg Sixties is returning to the Netherlands with a new setlist, a new backdrop and new faces. But one thing remains the same: a fantastic evening guaranteed! With over two hours of sublime music from the best British, American (and yes, even Dutch) stars of the sixties, there truly is something for everyone. In addition to music, you’ll see more than three hundred videos and images to mentally take you back to the golden decade of pop music. 

  • Om de hoek woont een struik

    Plankton | Sonja van Ojen & Hendrik Kegels
    Sun 5 May ’24

    Theater maker duo Plankton and Sonja van Ojen & Hendrik Kegels are bringing a self-made miniature city to life in Om de hoek woont een struik

  • Open

    Thu 9 May ’24
  • Fight Night

    Ontroerend Goed
    Sat 11 May ’24

    Five players. Five rounds. Your vote. One survivor. The stakes: your attention, love, approval, smile, pity, weakness, glee, heart, support, and judgment. We help you decide with polls, voting guides, coalitions, campaigns, debates, exit polls, spin doctors and opinion polls. We make sure that the best does not win. Fight Night has traveled all over the world and, to this day, remains one of the most popular Ontroerend Goed performances since 2013 that the audience vote.

    • The performance is spoken in English.
  • Duel Reality

    7 Fingers
    Thu 16 May ’24

    “Two households, both alike in dignity. In fair Verona, where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.” - Romeo and Juliet. 7fingers takes this epic love story to its core, with the stage set as a sports arena. In Duel Reality, the audience witnesses two groups that stand against each other by default, due to their desire to rise above the other. Still, we catch a glimpse of the star-crossed lovers. They don't seem to care who wins or loses, as long as the game can bring them closer together.

  • The Man who fell from the sky

    Panama Pictures
    Fri 17 May ’24

    While everything in the universe strives for chaos, man tries again and again to bring order. But we have abolished most of the ideologies and structures that once helped us with that orientation; they were too restrictive to serve as a signpost. At the same time, the world seems to be on fire, and one crisis overshadows another. The Man who fell from the sky captures this collective feeling of being adrift and dislocated. The performers seem to have washed ashore. High in the air, they hang from branches of an uprooted tree, balancing on moving platforms.

  • Hinotori

    Thu 30 May ’24

    Hinotori - The Wings of the Phoenix. Dawn breaks. Now it's time to get up. We are not defeated. Even if we run into a mountain that rises high. Even if we let our feet slide into a deep valley. We have risen many times. Just when we started to believe too confidently that we could go anywhere. The Japanese Taiko drum group Yamato takes the stage with more than 40 Taiko drums, each with a different character.

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