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  • Das Wunder der Heliane (1927)

    Nederlandse Reisopera
    Fri 6 Oct ’23

    After the success it had in 2019 with Die tote Stadt, the Nederlandse Reisopera company is producing another opera by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. The leading role is played by none other than the internationally renowned Dutch soprano Annemarie Kremer. In this opera, all but one of the characters are nameless, and it revolves around a woman who, by finding true love, will break or gain magical power respectively. Performed in German with Dutch and English surtitles.

  • Een lied voor de maan

    Opera Zuid
    Sun 5 Nov ’23

    The mole wants to do something nice for the moon, for it is always alone in the sky and never gets visitors. He decides to write a song for the moon. But that is more difficult than expected... When he is finished, the mole takes his song to the grasshopper, who is the conductor of an orchestra. They rehearse until it is perfect, and at night, they deliver a beautiful concert. But why does the moon look so sad afterwards? Een lied voor de maan is based on the children's book by Toon Tellegen.

    • Performed in Dutch.
  • Der Schauspieldirektor

    Opera Zuid
    Try-out en première
    Fri 10 Nov ’23
    Sun 12 Nov ’23

    Making an opera out of the drama that unfolds just before a premiere  -- Mozart did it. In the brilliant comedy Der Schauspieldirektor, the composer ridicules the opera world. Everything takes a role: from rival singers, giant egos and hectic rehearsals to arguments on stage. Opera singer and author Christopher Gillett, together with conductor Enrico Delamboye and a top cast full of young talent, bring out the sparkling lightness of this funny and inventive score. And, of course, Mozart's fantastic music stands central!

    • Sung in German with Dutch and English surtitles.

    Nicole Beutler Projects
    Sat 13 Jan ’24
    Sun 14 Jan ’24

    Let yourself be transported to a future in which the theater has been overgrown by nature. In the moist, vibrating depths, nature has taken its place and the wild promise of a reality that is still unimaginable is gradually taking shape. Earth is finally catching its breath and becoming a pulsating post-apocalyptic paradise teeming with life. Fragments of romantic nature songs resound from the shadows. Hybrid creatures emerge in the moonlight. In this immersive visual performance, we are shown the way to a new balance. In ATMEN, Beutler goes in search of a new balance between man, animal, plant, fungus and technology.

  • J.S. Bach – De Apocalyps

    OPERA2DAY & de Nederlandse Bachvereniging
    Tue 30 Jan ’24

    OPERA2DAY and the Netherlands Bach Society took up the challenge to make de opera die Bach nooit schreef (the opera that Bach never wrote). They tell the story of Jan van Leyden. He founded a utopia that resulted in a dictatorship, with Jan as a flamboyant and ruthless king. Bach's overwhelming and emotional music brings this timeless story of radicalization to life. With compelling stage direction, an excellent cast, and a choir and orchestra from the Netherlands Bach Society, we hear and see Bach's music like never before. Sung and played in German, with Dutch and English surtitles.

  • De Barbier van Sevilla

    Staatsopera van Moldavie
    Sat 9 Mar ’24

    Perhaps the most well-known operatic aria there is: the famous aria from the Barbier van Sevilla. Rossini wrote this hilarious opera at a very young age, in which two men compete for the hand of the beautiful Rosina. The music still dances and excites and has not lost any of its power. With just a little imagination, you can hear Rossini chuckling in the background, sometimes even laughing out loud. If music can still fascinate and entertain people worldwide after more than 200 years, then that is already a special quality in itself.

  • La Traviata at The Dining Opera

    Thomas de Bruijn e.a.
    Thu 18 Apr ’24
    Sat 20 Apr ’24

    After The Dining Opera’s successful edition of Carmen, this upcoming edition will be dedicated to the most famous and dramatic opera of all time – La Traviata. Enjoy the highlights of Verdi's masterpiece paired with a delicious three-course Italian style dinner. The Dining Opera is ideal for discovering opera in an accessible way and also for enjoying a pleasant evening out with friends and family.

    • Tickets include dinner but exclude drinks.
  • La scala di seta/Il signor Bruschino

    Opera Zuid
    Sat 25 May ’24

    Love is portrayed as a cliché in the double bill La scala di seta/Il signor Bruschino by bel canto grandmaster Gioacchino Rossini. In La scala di seta, Dorvil is secretly married to Giulia and climbs a silk ladder every night to see his bride. But Giulia's guardian has other ideas for her future and tries to marry her off. This causes comic twists. In Il signor Bruschino, Florville uses cunning schemes to get his beloved Sofia married to him and not Mr. Bruschino junior, who Sofia's guardian has in mind as her marriage partner.

    • Italian sung with Dutch and English surtitles.