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  • No ponies – Een éénmansrevue

    Alex Klaasen
    Sat 18 Nov ’23

    After the overwhelming success of Showponies 1, 2 and Snowponies, Alex Klaasen is on his own again. Simply because he needs to be. No more whinnying around him, no more constantly having to dismount from his show-horse. No, just some time for himself. One moment for Alex. In this time too, a bold procession of colorful characters will come along. And of course, there is a ridiculous amount of singing again, from opera to acoustic musical saw, and Alex will sing all of the highlights from the classical ballet repertoire all on his own. Without help, but with real ballet tights.

  • Club Salvador 2023

    Xarah von den Vielenregen & El Tigre Blanco
    Sat 9 Dec ’23

    Club Salvador takes you to a world of burlesque, cabaret, acrobatics, comedy and live music. An evening where the theater is transformed into a place that makes you forget where you are. Sweat droplets illuminated by the lights, glitter on your pants, and the wind in your hair. In the carousel of your dreams, the impossible approaches near, and the night is a celebration. International burlesque starlet Xarah von Den Vielenregen and Eindhoven musician EL Tigre Blanco treat you to an experience of escapism. Just as colorful and surreal as the brushstrokes of grandmaster Dalí himself.

  • Strangely Familiair

    Jakop Ahlbom Company
    Wed 28 Feb ’24

    In this surreal and humorous performance about social pressure and self-esteem, the life of a clumsy man is turned upside down when his double appears. The doppelgänger is everything the man is not and robs him of the attention he craves. While no one sees the resemblance, the man tries to flee from this miserable situation. Theater company Jakop Ahlbom Company makes visual and physical theater and has previously performed  Knock-Out, Lebensraum, Horror and SYZYGY.

  • Brothers

    Ashton Brothers
    Sat 30 Mar ’24
    Mon 1 Apr ’24

    Straight through the physical boundaries of theater. Across space and time. Straight through skin and hair, in a straight line to your heart. In this brand-new show, the Ashton Brothers pay tribute to each other, and to the tribe they form together. They take you into their infinite universe. Its own cosmos of magic and musicality, with spectacular and hilarious breakneck feats. Brothers gives you a surprising look at the resilience of our existence and the planet upon which we roam.

  • De Schouten Schoenen Aan

    Tineke Schouten
    Fri 17 May ’24
    Sat 18 May ’24

    For more than 40 years, Tineke has been a unique and enduring factor in the Dutch theater landscape. And she is not stopping. She is full of energy and still has plenty of inspiration for her 26th theater show. Enjoy her new performance with a live band and new skits, interspersed with beautiful songs and new satirical lyrics.