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Dance in the Parktheater

  • Herfst

    Ryan Djojokarso
    Sat 7 Oct ’23

    After his controversial performance WINTER/21/J and the hypnotic LENTE/22/K, the leading role in Ryan Djojokarso's third dance portrait HERFST is reserved for Death. A visually impressive crossover between dance, (opera) music, theater and imagery in which farewell rituals from different cultures come together. Every culture says goodbye to loved ones differently. From the slice of cake at the coffee table to an exuberant celebration of life. Rituals give passage to our grieving process.

  • Don't wanna touch

    DOX | YoungGangsters
    Tue 10 Oct ’23

    In Don't Wanna Touch, YoungGangsters and DOX dive deep into the fear of touch and embrace the discomfort. Why can a simple handshake be awkward? Where does the shame come from with some touches? And when do you draw a line? Director Annechien de Vocht and choreographer Simon Bus, together with five energetic performers, create an exciting mix of hip-hop and “action theater”. With (un)ease, humor and vulnerability, we set boundaries and collectively break through the walls surrounding touch and intimacy. Are you ready to be touched?

  • Doe eens lief

    Maas Theater en Dans
    Sun 15 Oct ’23

    In Doe eens lief, we practice the art of being sweet. With few words and a lot of climbing, falling, drawing, arguing, dancing and colliding. 

  • thinX open avond: een blik in de toekomst

    Parktheater Eindhoven
    Tue 24 Oct ’23

    thinX bestaat 10 jaar en dat gaan we vieren in Pand P met een bijzondere open avond! Als Parktheater ondersteunen we al sinds 2012 jonge theatermakers. Vanavond laten een aantal nieuwe makers korte performances zien uit de projecten waar ze momenteel aan werken. 

  • Unbreakable

    Lloydscompany & Soweto Skeleton Movers
    Thu 26 Oct ’23

    In a combination of heartfelt performances, lively African dance styles, humor and impressive visuals, the Soweto Skeleton Movers from South Africa tell their personal life stories. Despite many setbacks and false temptations, these dancers are 'unbreakable'. You will be swept into a joyful and stunning mix of song, street scenes, compelling visuals and their 'skeleton pantsula', a mix of traditional South African street dance (pantsula) and 'bone breaking'. Welcome to Soweto! Unbreakable is a collaboration between Rotterdam choreographer Lloyd Marengo, London theater director Jonzi D, and the five explosively energetic dancers of Soweto Skeleton Movers.


    The Ruggeds & Ghetto Funk Collective
    Fri 3 Nov ’23

    Step back in time 50 years to the era of James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. The Ruggeds and Ghetto Funk Collective, two top Dutch dance crews, are taking you on a journey in GROOVE through the evolution of Funk & Soul to HipHop and House and everything in between. So, dress to impress for this Night Out on the Town full of live music, improvisation and spectacular moves, where the Soul Train has no final stop.

  • So Far So Good

    Wat we doen | Theater Rotterdam
    Let's talk about Democracy
    Thu 9 Nov ’23

    Night falls. We're in a shop. Outside on the street, turmoil is mounting. Are those young people hanging around out there? Is it a party, or will this be a flare-up of antisocial riots? And why are they there? 

  • Giselle

    Het Nationale Ballet
    Wed 15 Nov ’23

    The original version of Giselle dates back to the heyday of Romanticism, yet the ballet is still danced worldwide. In 2009, Rachel Beaujean and Ricardo Bustamante created their own new version of perhaps the most romantic production in the classical ballet repertoire. And with great success, for their Giselle not only captured the hearts of Dutch audiences, but also of those in Spain, China and Colombia, among others. Beaujean: “When correctly delivered, Giselle pierces deeper than skin.” Choreography: Marius Petipa, inspired by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot.

    • Performance is provided with interpretation for the blind.
  • Song of the dark forest

    Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
    Tue 21 Nov ’23

    Song of the dark forest is a poignant, compelling and comforting performance, performed by the entire group of Scapino dancers, an opera singer and live music by the DoelenEnsemble. The tragic song of war is sung. An unknown soldier, hovering between life and death, longs for his loved ones but is also haunted by memories of the battlefield. With penetrating songs and dance by four choreographers, this timeless story comes to life.

  • Body as a weapon

    Sandra Kramerová
    Let's talk about Democracy
    Wed 22 Nov ’23

    Body as a Weapon is a dance and multimedia solo inspired by grand parades called “Spartakiada” practiced in Czechoslovakia in the times of Socialism. These parades united thousands of people synchronized in unison choreography, demonstrating the idea of peace and community on one hand, political power on the other. 

  • De Grote Gele Graafmachine

    Het Laagland | SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht
    Sun 26 Nov ’23

    Four well-oiled parts of the big yellow excavator always do exactly what is expected of them. Until one part suddenly thinks differently. Why just dig and shovel and never jump or step? The parts begin to doubt whether all their usual duties are justified… Which human habits are biologically determined, and which are prescribed? SALLY Dance Company Maastricht and Het Laagland deliver an infectious mix of dance and theater, in which all rules and customs are cheerfully flushed down the toilet. De Grote Gele Graafmachine is a colorful mess for all builders, wreckers, sleepers and empathizers.

  • High

    Danstheater AYA
    Tue 28 Nov ’23

    High is about being high on life! The drive to feel and experience everything. Achieving ecstasy by being in the here and now. For that, you have to explore boundaries and take risks. Let's get everything out of life and celebrate it. You never know how long it will last. Pain and loss are part of it for everyone. You might be afraid of it. Because without downs, there are no ups. A dance performance by house choreographer Anne Suurendonk about extreme zest for life. About living consciously and being truly present.

  • Islands of Empathy (in a sea of chaos)

    Club Guy & Roni | Slagwerk Den Haag
    Let's talk about Democracy
    Wed 29 Nov ’23

    Islands of Empathy (in a Sea of Chaos), the latest performance by Club Guy & Roni and Slagwerk Den Haag, focuses on the theme of empathy and how it can be the driving force in the way people live together.   

  • The previous owner

    Dunja Jocic
    Thu 30 Nov ’23

    In the near future, a dying man's brain is successfully uploaded to a young body. When it turns out that some of the spirit of the previous owner is still present in that body, a battle ensues between dance and dialogues, with the newly created being at stake.

    • Choreography and direction: Dunja Jocic.
  • Resilience

    United Cowboys
    Wed 6 Dec ’23
    Thu 7 Dec ’23

    United Cowboys is celebrating 30 years this year, and that’s something to celebrate. By invitation from the Parktheater, they are delivering two evenings full of dance, music, images and performance in the Philipszaal. The room where they have often been guests to make use of all possibilities and impossibilities. They’ll perform with 'old' and new cowboys and with a host of guests. Resilience stands for the ability to quickly recover from obstacles and the ability to bounce back into form – aka perseverance and resilience.

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