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  • Geschiedenis: eerste hulp bij ongelukken

    Beatrice de Graaf
    Tue 30 May ’23

    From the Ukraine war and the pandemic to our own housing and nitrogen crisis, the greatest challenges of our time are leaving our politicians insecure and paralyzed. But how did we do this before? There were also epidemics, refugee crises and natural disasters before, but then without vaccines, security regions and delta works.

  • Onze man bij de Taliban

    Thomas Erdbrink
    Mon 12 Jun ’23

    In 2021, the Americans and their allies are leaving Afghanistan in a hurry.  While everyone is leaving the country, Thomas Erdbrink decides to go to Kabul for his new docuseries Onze man bij de Taliban. And here’s where the story begins.

  • Auti-communicatie verbindt

    Mensen met en zonder autisme
    Tue 26 Mar ’24

    Communiceren doe je samen. Maar wat nu als de een heel anders denkt dan de ander? Dan ontstaat er snel miscommunicatie en onbegrip over en weer. Colette de Bruin, grondlegger van de Geef me de 5-methodiek, ziet het vaak gebeuren tussen mensen met en zonder autisme. 

  • Schandalig mooie opera!

    Francis van Broekhuizen en Gregor Bak
    Thu 2 May ’24

    Have you heard the famous story about the fall of Tosca and the trampoline? Did you know that Rigoletto's hunchback sometimes sinks down below the singer's buttocks? In this performance, Francis delves much deeper into the famous anecdotes and scandals of the opera world. What actually goes on behind the scenes? Are the rumors about difficult opera divas true? Following their successful tour of the performance Bij twijfel hard zingen, Francis van Broekhuizen and Gregor Bak are back with a completely new performance: Schandalig mooie opera!