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  • Club Salvador 2023

    Xarah von den Vielenregen & El Tigre Blanco
    Sat 9 Dec ’23

    Club Salvador takes you to a world of burlesque, cabaret, acrobatics, comedy and live music. An evening where the theater is transformed into a place that makes you forget where you are. 

  • ROOTS!

    South African Road Trip
    Wed 13 Dec ’23

    Join us on a unique journey through South Africa, and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of the beautiful Xhosa culture. Fourteen musicians and dancers from Cape Town perform with passion and energy and tell penetrating and personal stories about daily life and the history of South Africa. What did they learn at home about religion and traditions? And what connecting role does music play in their culture? ROOTS! stimulates the senses with rousing live music, a beautiful video set, and rhythmic African dance!


    Nicole Beutler Projects
    Sat 13 Jan ’24
    Sun 14 Jan ’24

    Let yourself be transported to a future in which the theater has been overgrown by nature. In the moist, vibrating depths, nature has taken its place and the wild promise of a reality that is still unimaginable is gradually taking shape. Earth is finally catching its breath and becoming a pulsating post-apocalyptic paradise teeming with life. Fragments of romantic nature songs resound from the shadows. Hybrid creatures emerge in the moonlight. In this immersive visual performance, we are shown the way to a new balance. In ATMEN, Beutler goes in search of a new balance between man, animal, plant, fungus and technology.

  • Deelder Draait

    Ari Deelder en het Benjamin Herman Kwartet
    Thu 29 Feb ’24

    An enormous cabinet with thousands of records - all neatly organized by label and alphabet. It was Jules Deelder's life's work. He could pull a record out of that cabinet and know the music and the lyrics on the back by heart, and then he could also effortlessly recount little known facts. Deelder was the Jazz Encyclopedia. In this performance, Ari Deelder makes her way through the countless jazz records in her father's cabinet. An evening full of unique stories, special jazz and, above all, a lot of Deelder.

  • Dichtbij

    De Bevers in concert
    Fri 1 Mar ’24

    Ondanks het enorme succes van De Bevers, blijven John de Bever en Kees er zelf erg nuchter in. Doe maar normaal dan doe je al gek genoeg is hun levensmotto. Dit gevoel nemen ze dan ook het theater mee in.

  • Dreumesconcert

    Krulmuziek, klassiek voor kleintjes
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    A concert for fascinated ears, dancing feet and wiggly bottoms!

  • Blub!

    Krulmuziek, klassiek voor kleintjes
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    Blub! Swim with us in the sea of music where the sounds of violin, viola and the great cello sway on the waves. Dive deeper and deeper to the sounds of classical water music together with the fish, seahorses, octopus and jellyfish.


  • Helden!

    The Legends
    Sat 16 Mar ’24

    Singer and trumpeter Michael Varekamp and keyboardist Wiboud Burkens have been the beating heart of The Legends for years. In their 10th full-length theater program Helden, they take the audience on a distinctive journey that visits their heroes. Michael Varekamp dreamed of following in the footsteps of his first black role model, Louis Armstrong. Chansonnière Tess Merlot learned to sing French in Paris, and Wiboud Burkens lived for the soul of Stevie Wonder. The Legends surround themselves in this program with top musicians who have more than earned their stripes on international stages.

  • The Singer Songwriter Show

    Nick Schilder
    Thu 28 Mar ’24

    During his very first solo tour The Singer Songwriter Show, Nick Schilder goes back to his childhood passion: the beautiful music from the great singer-songwriters with whom he grew up, including Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Don McLean and Neil Diamond. Nick takes you through the history of this music movement and tells personal stories that he interweaves with his own first-time solo music.

  • A vida rosa

    Rosa da Silva
    Thu 28 Mar ’24

    "I'll enjoy myself soon." But when is soon? And how do you know if you are enjoying yourself? After living in a pink cloud for a while, Rosa has landed again. Since the birth of her daughter, she wonders if she has followed her own path so far. But first she needs to know who she is. In A vida rosa, she makes you part of the search for her identity. Expect a personal and musical performance with a mix of beautiful listening songs.

  • Rijnreisje

    De Toneelmakerij
    Sat 6 Apr ’24

    Join us on a journey along the Rhine and discover wonderful myths and stories about Europe's most important river.

  • In de gloria!

    Gerard van Maasakkers en gasten
    Sat 6 Apr ’24
    Sun 7 Apr ’24

    He is 75. For a whole year. And that should be celebrated! With his usual companions and with guests. Who they are remains a surprise for the birthday boy. Gerard himself treats. Not with cake, but with songs. And those are mighty tasty! Not too sweet, not too creamy, not too this or too that, but pure, honest, and of an almost unprecedented quality. So, let this be an evening for connoisseurs. Celebrate with him. Enjoy all that beauty. Leave bells and whistles at home. But sing out loud: in the glo-ri-a!

  • Oud Geleerd, Jong Gedaan

    Jim Bakkum
    Thu 11 Apr ’24

    "The year 2003. I led a completely different life than my peers. Unblemished, I started very young on the rollercoaster that would take me to many places at a young age. The rollercoaster that would later leave such an enormous mark that growing up confuses me every now and then". In 2023, it will be twenty years since the then 15-year-old Jim Bakkum broke through in the talent show Idols. In his new musical theater show Oud Geleerd, Jong Gedaan, he reflects on all the high-profile events and milestones with a good dose of self-mockery.

  • The Bootleg Sixties

    Wed 17 Apr ’24

    The fantastic British group The Bootleg Sixties is returning to the Netherlands with a new setlist, a new backdrop and new faces. But one thing remains the same: a fantastic evening guaranteed! With over two hours of sublime music from the best British, American (and yes, even Dutch) stars of the sixties, there truly is something for everyone. In addition to music, you’ll see more than three hundred videos and images to mentally take you back to the golden decade of pop music. 

  • Gladys, Ella, Barbra, Adele... Karin!

    Karin Bloemen & Old School Band
    Thu 18 Apr ’24

    In this new performance, Karin Bloemen once again goes in search of great musical sources of inspiration, ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Barbra Streisand and from Stevie Wonder to Gladys Knight. The repertoire of these greats is then rearranged and made 'original' by Karin & Old School Band. Additionally, they will also showcase a number of new original pieces.

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