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Circus in the Parktheater

  • Sawdust Symphony

    Michael Zandl, David Eisele & Kolja Huneck
    Tue 12 Dec ’23

    In a society where old-fashioned craftsmanship seems to be disappearing, this contemporary circus performance responds to the human desire to keep on creating: the process from idea to actual construction, the relationship between man and his tools, and the tragedy of working on a project. Three obsessed characters take the audience on a unique 'do-it-yourself' experience in which they discover and transform their own workspace and themselves. Sawdust Symphony is an intense dialogue between frustration, euphoria and the smell of petrol.

  • Kerstwintercircus 2023

    Editie 51
    Sat 23 Dec ’23
    Sun 31 Dec ’23
    The most fun family event in the Christmas holidays

    It is time for the 51st edition of the International Kerstwintercircus. Parktheater Eindhoven will once again transform into a real circus arena.

  • Great Catch

    De CircusCoalitie
    Fri 1 Mar ’24

    A new generation of circus artists are showing off their special talents in a funny, moving and unique theater performance. Luuk Brantjes specializes in the possibilities of a teeterboard. His piece LONE is an ode to solitude, a plea for its tranquility and beauty. Tête-bêche (Marieke Thijssen, David Mupanda and Wilko Schütz) combine spectacular acrobatics in 3+1, using a diabolo as the fourth player. Harvey Cobb won the BNG Bank Circus Prize in 2022 with his idiosyncratic mix of comedy, improvisation and juggling. Harvey performs part of his first solo Pink Boots and An Alcoholic Sock Puppet.

  • La Galerie

    Machine de Cirque
    Tue 9 Apr ’24

    In a spotlessly white exhibition, a plume of color is immediately cleared away. But little by little, things seem to go wrong; things go haywire. The spectators gradually move into another world: the set turns inside out. Color reappears, but now it is indelible. Amused, disturbing, energized – will it be embraced? Led by director Olivier Lépine, seven world-class circus performers and multi-instrumentalists take you to the fringes of art. Breathtaking acrobatics and seductive live music. Let yourself be carried away by a stunningly unusual exhibition!

  • Open

    Thu 9 May ’24
  • Duel Reality

    7 Fingers
    Thu 16 May ’24

    “Two households, both alike in dignity. In fair Verona, where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.” - Romeo and Juliet. 7fingers takes this epic love story to its core, with the stage set as a sports arena. In Duel Reality, the audience witnesses two groups that stand against each other by default, due to their desire to rise above the other. Still, we catch a glimpse of the star-crossed lovers. They don't seem to care who wins or loses, as long as the game can bring them closer together.