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  • De Ramadan Conference

    Anuar, Dolf Jansen & Erhan Demirci
    Tue 5 Mar ’24

    Na traditionele conferences zoals de Oudejaars- en de Sinterklaasconference is het weer tijd voor een hilarische comedyshow over de mooiste maand van het jaar. De Ramadan Conference is een jaarlijks terugkerende productie met eerdere succesvolle edities in uitverkochte theaterzalen en tv-registraties met vele kijkers.

  • Fokker Blankers Tol

    Anne Wil Blankers, Henriëtte Tol, Renée Fokker
    Wed 6 Mar ’24

    Three sisters meet at what turns out to be a crossroads for them all.  For a while, they hide away together from the world to catch their breath and lose themselves in their memories. Only to find out that there are quite a few skeletons piled up in the closet. Anne Wil Blankers (seen in Driving Miss Daisy, Moeders en Zonen), Henriëtte Tol (seen in Soldaat van Oranje, Bloedverwanten) and Renée Fokker (seen in Judas, Wie is de Mol) perform in this tragicomedy about real women with a lifetime full of stories.

  • Rabbit Hole

    De Toneelmakerij | Theater Sonnevanck
    Thu 7 Mar ’24

    Samy doesn't leave his room anymore, doesn't go to school anymore, and ignores his friends. He has retreated into an online community where he has made new friends: Neo17 and his supporters. 

  • Rhythm & Flow

    ISH Dance Collective
    Thu 7 Mar ’24

    In the new theater performance Rhythm & Flow by ISH Dance Collective, musicians, freerunners and hip-hop dancers gather round the edges of the stage. What happens when the rhythms of these different disciplines merge or clash?

  • Particles of God

    Isabelle Beernaert
    Fri 8 Mar ’24

    With an international top cast, live music by Peter Bogaert, beautiful costumes, a luminous set, and choreography that takes both the bodies onstage and the emotions of the audience on a penetrating journey. Particles of God aims high, to the universe. Constantly in motion. Our home, which connects us all. This creative sparkle leads to a unique artistic interpretation in which music and dance are inextricably linked. Isabelle Beernaert guarantees musical diversity to the rhythm of the performance.

  • Korte metten

    Jeroens Clan
    Fri 8 Mar ’24

    The coarse musical zap cabaret of the nineties is back in a new guise. Fresh, rough-mouthed and with a straight leg. Socially critical songs, misogynistic bluster and patriarchal filth, but with a contemporary portion of vulnerability. Good thing, too. So, you can just laugh about it. In their second program, Bram Kroon, Matthias Tuns and Jip de Poorter mercilessly make short work of themselves, each other and the audience in the front row.

  • Internationale Vrouwendag 2024

    Sat 9 Mar ’24

    The Latin American Center for Orientation (C.L.O.) is pleased to announce that International Women's Day will be celebrated at the Parktheater Eindhoven.

  • De Barbier van Sevilla

    Staatsopera van Moldavie
    Sat 9 Mar ’24

    Perhaps the most well-known operatic aria there is: the famous aria from the Barbier van Sevilla. Rossini wrote this hilarious opera at a very young age, in which two men compete for the hand of the beautiful Rosina. The music still dances and excites and has not lost any of its power. With just a little imagination, you can hear Rossini chuckling in the background, sometimes even laughing out loud. If music can still fascinate and entertain people worldwide after more than 200 years, then that is already a special quality in itself.

  • The making of Berlin

    BERLIN | Yves Degryse
    Sat 9 Mar ’24

    The makers of BERLIN meet a spirited, elderly German man. They start talking and are fascinated by his improbable life. Several conversations and weeks later, they decide to dedicate the final part of their Holocene Cycle, in which they have created various city portraits, to him. The making of Berlin is a portrait of a city, built around the extraordinary story of a Berliner who worked as an orchestral director at the Berlin Philharmonic. A man who would like nothing more than to go back in time to complete an unfinished chapter of his life.

  • Jaloezie is een bitch

    Kirsten van Teijn
    Sat 9 Mar ’24

    Kirsten feels like a rich bitch with not just one, but two relationships. Polyamory mastered! But her 'open mind' is put to the test when her friend suddenly falls in love with someone else. In Jaloezie is een bitch, Kirsten takes on juicy jealousy – a forbidden emotion infused with love, but baring sharp fangs. In 2022, Kirsten won the prestigious VSCD cabaret prize Neerlands Hoop for (S)experiment, about the (im)possibility of entering into a relationship with a man and a woman at the same time.

  • Over een kleine mol die wil weten wie er op zijn kop gepoept heeft

    Meneer Monster
    Sun 10 Mar ’24

    Mole pops up to see if the sun has yet risen when suddenly someone poops on his head. Poop! Gross! Mol goes looking for the culprit and meets a lot of wondrous animals who make it clear that it certainly wasn't them... 

  • Geubels gaat in bad

    Philippe Geubels
    Mon 11 Mar ’24
    Wed 13 Mar ’24

    The driest comedian in the lowlands is taking a bath. And you can gather round, because in addition to the bathtub, Philippe Geubels also wants to fill up theater halls again. Philippe does exactly as you expect of him by shining a light on overpriced food trucks, Christmas decorations at funeral houses, and the history of the croquette. But from the safety of his bathtub, he also dares to muse about cruel loss and grab hold of your grief only to, afterwards, open the tap of nonsense wide open.

  • Birds

    DOX | Dalton Jansen
    Tue 12 Mar ’24

    Real freedom, what does it look like? How do you deal with the future if you haven't had a safe nest? Are you ready for society? And is society ready for you?

  • Bossen

    Gover Meit (voorheen Stefano Keizers)
    Wed 13 Mar ’24

    Stefano Keizers, the previous stage name of Gover Meit, who is now called Donny Ronny, is dead. What will he do now that the public has finally embraced him? The answer is: Bossen! This ensemble performance will annihilate the few remaining theatrical rules left. There is no script. There is no rehearsal. Every night will be different. Everyone has secrets from each other. The actors (in total, 6 per evening) consist of a combination of very established names and undiscovered talents from all corners of the world. From Claudia de Breij to Jennifer Hoffman, and from Soy Kroon to Kjeld Nuis.

  • Versus

    Theater Utrecht
    Thu 14 Mar ’24

    What moves a group of people who fall for the aura, the vision and the promises of a Great Leader? And is that covenant doomed to bring out the worst in man, or is it our only salvation? Versus promises to be a musically overwhelming and intoxicating journey through our greatest desires and fears about how we relate to one another. Two actors and eight cellists do everything they can to once and for all fight out the great primal human conflict, me versus another.

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