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  • Tomaatje op je neus

    Arno Huibers
    Sun 25 Feb ’24
    Sun 24 Mar ’24

    From the first second, Arno takes you on a journey in his own universe. A journey from smile to laughter. With music, subtle humor, his phenomenal facial expressions and a tomato on his nose, he shows how magical the simplicity is.

  • Dreumesconcert

    Krulmuziek, klassiek voor kleintjes
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    A concert for fascinated ears, dancing feet and wiggly bottoms!

  • Blub!

    Krulmuziek, klassiek voor kleintjes
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    Blub! Swim with us in the sea of music where the sounds of violin, viola and the great cello sway on the waves. Dive deeper and deeper to the sounds of classical water music together with the fish, seahorses, octopus and jellyfish.


  • Peter Pan de musical

    Morssinkhof Terra Theaterproducties
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    Fantastic adventures await Wendy when Peter Pan flies into her bedroom and takes her to the magical world of Neverland. 

  • Rabbit Hole

    De Toneelmakerij | Theater Sonnevanck
    Thu 7 Mar ’24

    Samy doesn't leave his room anymore, doesn't go to school anymore, and ignores his friends. He has retreated into an online community where he has made new friends: Neo17 and his supporters. 

  • Over een kleine mol die wil weten wie er op zijn kop gepoept heeft

    Meneer Monster
    Sun 10 Mar ’24

    Mole pops up to see if the sun has yet risen when suddenly someone poops on his head. Poop! Gross! Mol goes looking for the culprit and meets a lot of wondrous animals who make it clear that it certainly wasn't them... 

  • Robin Hood

    Phion | Theater Sonnevanck
    Fri 15 Mar ’24

    Everyone knows the legend of Robin Hood. Robin and his friends shoot arrows faster than light and steal hearts before you can say boo or bah. 

  • Thuis

    Mime Wave
    Sun 17 Mar ’24

    In a fairytale scene with animated paintings and fitting music, you will be sucked into the world of Anastasiia and her dog Djonnik. 

  • Talking hands

    Het Filiaal
    Sun 17 Mar ’24

    17-03-2024           Talking hands          Het Filiaal

    You shake hands. With hands you make contact, both with each other and with the world. Hands probe, carefully feeling whether it is too hot. Or too cold. They can be tender but can also clench into fists. 

  • Stuntkont

    155 | Maas Theater en Dans
    Sat 23 Mar ’24

    While the boys of 155 (one-five-five) can barely tie their own shoelaces, everyone around them is having children. And then, the pressure to grow up suddenly becomes monumental. 

  • Blikvangers

    De Stilte
    Sun 24 Mar ’24

    In the beginning, the world was uninhibited. Life was so pristine that curiosity was not troubled by fear or anger. In Blikvangers, two dancers and a musician go back to that beginning with unusual instruments and encounters, which then become normal simply because they are there.

  • Rijnreisje

    De Toneelmakerij
    Sat 6 Apr ’24

    Join us on a journey along the Rhine and discover wonderful myths and stories about Europe's most important river.

  • Lucky Luuk

    Meneer Monster
    Sun 7 Apr ’24

    The makers of De Gruffalo and De Waanzinnige Boomhut, among others, have come up with a new family show loosely inspired by the well-known comic series Lucky Luke. 

  • De stille kletsmajoor

    Tg. Winterberg
    Sun 14 Apr ’24

    What happens in a hushed country, where only the bare essentials can be said? How can you tell what you want with the words you have? And what do you actually say between the lines?



  • 100% COCO New York

    Morssinkhof Terra Theaterproducties
    Sun 14 Apr ’24

    Coco is returning to the theater! The successful series of books and films by Niki Smit is being expanded with a completely new musical: 100% COCO New York!

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