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  • Breakin' Convention NL Tour 2021

    Tue 19 Oct ’21

    Breakin' Convention, the groundbreaking hip-hop festival from London, is coming to the Netherlands for the first time!

  • De Zaak Shell

    Frascati Producties | Anouk Nuyens en Rebekka de Wit
    Tue 19 Oct ’21

    The last white male rhinoceros is extinct. Forest fires, floods and landslides are the order of the day all over the world. What can we do to turn the tide?

  • De Leken

    Floris van Alkemade, Abt Bernardus, Oscar Kocken
    Wed 20 Oct ’21

    In De Leken – part of the Jaar van het Brabants Kloosterleven (Year of the Brabant Monastic Life) – interviewer and theater maker Oscar Kocken (Eindhoven, 1983) joins forces with philosophers, scientists, artists, musicians, poets, activists, idealists, thinkers, doers and monks, looking for new answers to the questions of how we want to shape our lives in 2021 and how we wish to face the future.

  • Driegangen-cabaret

    The Dining Lizard - 21/22
    Thu 21 Oct ’21

    After two sold-out editions last season, The Dining Lizard is back! This cabaret evening is also known as the gourmet brother of The Laughing Lizard.

  • Vrijdag

    Toneelgroep Maastricht
    Thu 21 Oct ’21

    Vrijdag by Hugo Claus is one of the most moving plays in the Dutch language. A thrilling family drama about guilt and forgiveness, a gripping quest for love and reconciliation.

  • The Dining Opera

    Thomas de Bruijn e.a.
    Fri 22 Oct ’21

    The successful three-course cabaret series The Dining Lizard has a - slightly more serious - brother: The Dining Opera. Enjoy opera music and a matching delicious three-course dinner.

  • Ze bedoelen het goed

    Glodi Lugungu
    Fri 22 Oct ’21

    In his debut performance, Ze bedoelen het goed, Glodi lets you see the other side of the story with his unexpected views and hilarious stories.

  • Opgekropt staat netjes

    Jochen Otten
    Fri 22 Oct ’21

    In Opgekropt staat netjes, we see comedian Jochen Otten struggle with uncomfortable situations and embarrassing moments.

  • Belle en het Beest De Musical

    Van Hoorne Entertainment
    Sat 23 Oct ’21
    Sun 24 Oct ’21
    True beauty sits deep within

    In one of the most romantic folk fairytales, Bettina plays the role of Belle: a smart, vibrant girl who learns to see beyond the fierce appearance of the Beast.

  • Lampje

    Maas Theater en Dans
    Sat 23 Oct ’21

    In 2019, theater director Moniek Merkx made a theater adaptation of Lampje, the successful youth book by Annet Schaap, which received raving reviews and won four literary awards, including the Gouden Griffel.

  • Het mysterie van de grote mensen

    Dakzonderhuis | STIP
    Sun 24 Oct ’21

    One collects football cards, the other shells. But Jo (7) has a different fascination: he collects adults and puts them in a shoebox.

  • Musical4daagse

    Mon 25 Oct ’21

    Theater? Ever been inside that big building? What happens there during a performance, and what is it like to be on stage? This autumn break, children from 6 to 12 years old can take the stage themselves. They will be singing, dancing and acting during De Musical4daagse. During this musical project, they will make a musical in 4 days and give a performance for a real audience.

  • Jannie The Show Dog

    Henry van Loon
    Try out
    Mon 25 Oct ’21

    Henry van Loon is in a brand-new phase of life: family is the theme of his newest performance. Perhaps more recognizable than ever, but funny and quirky as ever.

  • 8: Metamorphosis

    Nicole Beutler Projects
    Tue 26 Oct ’21

    8: METAMORPHOSIS is a unique combination of dance, song, light artistry, and theater technique. You see the hall like you've never seen it before. A cast of male dancers, singers, and the virtuoso jazz drummer Frank Rosaly all take you on a ritual for change.

  • Leer van Fred Live

    Fred van Leer
    Wed 27 Oct ’21

    Leer van Fred Live is really an evening for women. Mother, daughters, sisters and girlfriends, the handball club or the knitting group, 23,000 have already preceded you. 

  • Het Huwelijk

    Huub Stapel
    Thu 28 Oct ’21
    A dazzling one-man show about marriage

    As an experience expert, Huub philosophizes, discusses, sings, writes and masterfully plays around the ancient institute of marriage.


    Ernst Daniel Smid
    Thu 28 Oct ’21
    Fri 29 Oct ’21

    In Smelt, two actors struggle with their lives, their identities and their careers. One (Roán ten Cate) has just graduated from drama school and is determined to conquer the world. The other (Ernst Daniël Smid) once had that world at his feet, but over the years, his glorious career as one of the greatest opera singers in Europe has slowly fallen into decline.

  • Bal Masque

    Moord in het Parktheater
    Fri 29 Oct ’21

    Are you good at puzzles and at deciphering codes? Can you think logically? Then you might be able to solve the Murder in Dertien.

  • Koorts

    Ali B
    Fri 29 Oct ’21
    Sat 30 Oct ’21

    Rapper, jury member and program maker Ali B presents Koorts

  • Afkoelen

    Jawad Es Soufi
    Sat 30 Oct ’21

    Jawad Es Soufi is coming to the Parktheater with his second performance. In this second show, he and his alter-ego Sloegie go in search of cooling down. Sloegie is the comedic alter ego of Jawad Es Soufi, known for his popular sketches on Instagram.

  • Nijntje de Musical

    Sun 31 Oct ’21

    Hooray: Nijntje (Miffy) is coming to the theater! Together with Nijntje, the first theater experience becomes a celebration for toddlers and parents. Experience the adventures and enjoy the stories of this world-famous bunny and her friends.

  • Bolistas

    Corpo Máquina
    Sun 31 Oct ’21

    With freestyle football and movement from the street, Corpo Máquina Society brings an explosion of energy and zest for life to the Parktheater. With freestyle football players Nasser El Jackson and Younes El Jackson, breakdancer and thinX maker Simon Bus, and performer/sound artist Boris de Klerk, it is a special team with which choreographer Guilherme Miotto has created Bolistas.

  • Let It Be: Abbey Road

    The Analogues
    Mon 1 Nov ’21
    Tue 2 Nov ’21

    Magical Mystery Tour, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and The White Album. The Beatles hide no secrets from The Analogues. 

  • Buiten is het Feest

    Week tegen Kindermishandeling
    Wed 3 Nov ’21

    Stichting Impact Makers, programma Geweld Hoort Nergens Thuis, Team Kim en RinkelFilm organiseren gesprekken over handelingsverlegenheid rond seksueel misbruik bij omstanders, professionals, ouders en slachtoffers n.a.v. de film Buiten is het Feest.

  • 1 Kilo

    Kasper van der Laan
    Wed 3 Nov ’21

    Absurd, unpredictable, hilarious and the comedy talent of 2019 according to de Volkskrant.

  • The best of

    Ton Kas
    Thu 4 Nov ’21

    The best segments from Ton Kas’ previous three shows will be repeated. But... arranged differently and supplemented with brand new material. So, this will be a completely new show!

  • Granm'ma

    Wensley Pique | Rose Stories
    Thu 4 Nov ’21

    The intimate puppet show GRANM'MA ('grandma' in Sranantongo), depicts theater maker Wensley Piqué's grandmother during her last days. 

  • Nooit meer werken

    Het NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel)
    Fri 5 Nov ’21
    Sat 6 Nov ’21

    We all dream of it, right? Never get up early again, never make lunch again, never again get stuck in traffic jams or cycling through the rain. No more rushing, lying awake, juggling time… We're going to try it out for an evening – with theater, a delicious three-course dinner and good company.

  • Casablanca

    Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
    Fri 5 Nov ’21
    Sat 6 Nov ’21

    The 1942 Hollywood classic Casablanca starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart is considered one of the best films ever. Choreographer Ed Wubbe uses this film’s story as the basis for a visual performance about passion, freedom and desire for a better world.

  • SNEU

    André Manuel
    Fri 5 Nov ’21

    According to some, SNEU was the best show not performed last season. With never-before-heard good songs. Razor-sharp to the bone. Above all, SNEU is a passionate plea for the stage as an unsafe workplace. Because that's how it should be. So, go see it! If it's possible again. Hopefully after the 7th wave.

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