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Voor wat het waard is

Pieter Derks
Wed 5 Feb
Thu 6 Feb

What the cabaret artist Pieter Derks likes to do most: pick apart all that we take for granted.

Come and witness! Cabaret artist Pieter Derks is going to pay for it. In his unique, cheerful, down-to-earth way. With the delusion of the day, with the spirit of the times. With himself. With the competition. And with all the nonsense that is sold to us each and every day.

Because this is exactly what the cabaret artist likes to do most: pick apart all that we take for granted. Turn things around, wring them out, inspect them from all sides, and then set them in their place. His goal? An uplifting and cheerful evening. One where the next day, you'll notice that you're looking at the world through a completely different pair of glasses.

Pieter Derks: Flonkerend en ideeënrijk

Volkskrant ★★★★★
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