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Sexual Healing

Het Nationale Theater
Wed 6 Nov

Sometimes you are completely unaware that you need to be saved.

A Dutch family that had grown apart has now managed to reconnect in the French countryside. But are they truly happier? Suddenly, a young man appears in the yard. Everyone becomes fascinated by him. Everyone wants to be with him, to be possessed by him. If ever the family departed in the past, they are now about to do so for real. Director Jeroen de Man: "I want to make a piece about people who have the courage to do things differently. Who go in search of that greener grass on the other side, and who know that they might be disappointed."

  • Visit the audio-visual mini-exhibition with information about Sexual Healing free of charge prior to the performance 

"Writers Jan Hulst and Kasper Tarenskeen created a morbidly dysfunctional family, with great actors and their own language"



actors Hein van der Heijden, Emmanuel Ohene Boafo, Bram Suijker, Romana Vrede, Mariana Aparicio Torres, Mark Kraan and Ariane Schluter / director Jeroen De Man / script Jan Hulst and Kasper Tarenskeen / dramaturgy Willemijn Barelds

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