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  • Pow wow

    Thu 5 Oct ’23

    Pow wow questions how we, coming from different beliefs and traditions, care for our parents and the elderly (with dementia). What do we take for granted, and what do we experience as a task? Where do our beliefs clash, and what can we learn from each other? Theater company MINOUX invites you to a festive, cheerful and often moving encounter between different generations. Especially for this performance, MINOUX founded the Bende van Alzheimer: dancing  70-plussers who enjoy sharing their opinions and questions with the audience.

  • Das Wunder der Heliane (1927)

    Nederlandse Reisopera
    Fri 6 Oct ’23

    After the success it had in 2019 with Die tote Stadt, the Nederlandse Reisopera company is producing another opera by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. The leading role is played by none other than the internationally renowned Dutch soprano Annemarie Kremer. In this opera, all but one of the characters are nameless, and it revolves around a woman who, by finding true love, will break or gain magical power respectively. Performed in German with Dutch and English surtitles.

  • Wetenschap voor iedereen

    Universiteit van Nederland Live
    Fri 6 Oct ’23

    At work, during your studies, in the pub or while enjoying your holiday…. science is everywhere. In Science for everyone, live theater lectures are given by top scientists. Not endless talk, but rather good interactive stories that you will learn something from and can laugh about. The lectures and experiments deal with themes such as money, the climate, AI/future, love/sex, healthy living, music and the brain. The University of the Netherlands will bring science closer to you with this fascinating show. And all that under the inspirational leadership of presenter and comedian Fuad Hassen.

  • Best Of

    Tobi Kooiman
    Fri 6 Oct ’23

    Tobi Kooiman is a cabaret artist, stand-up comedian, mathematician and stoic. He tries to tackle life and everyday issues with his sense of logic, seeing (non-)causal connections and unraveling misuse of statistics. Clear right? On stage, yes; beyond that, it invariably puts him in wonderful situations. He accepts that the audience will laugh unabashedly throughout his stories.

  • Herfst

    Ryan Djojokarso
    Sat 7 Oct ’23

    After his controversial performance WINTER/21/J and the hypnotic LENTE/22/K, the leading role in Ryan Djojokarso's third dance portrait HERFST is reserved for Death. A visually impressive crossover between dance, (opera) music, theater and imagery in which farewell rituals from different cultures come together. Every culture says goodbye to loved ones differently. From the slice of cake at the coffee table to an exuberant celebration of life. Rituals give passage to our grieving process.

  • Maar niemand kuste mij

    Carte Blanche | Xandry van den Besselaar
    Sat 7 Oct ’23
    Sun 8 Oct ’23

    Why do we label people as 'normal' or 'abnormal', and what happens when we let go of these distinctions? In Maar niemand kuste mij, Carte Blanche confronts the audience. How do we look at each other, what do we see, and what do we think of that? And what happens when the separation between audience and actors is suddenly no longer clear? An auditory performance in which the prevailing norms about what is normal is questioned (or perhaps radically rejected). Director: Xandry van den Besselaar.

  • Don't wanna touch

    DOX | YoungGangsters
    Tue 10 Oct ’23

    In Don't Wanna Touch, YoungGangsters and DOX dive deep into the fear of touch and embrace the discomfort. Why can a simple handshake be awkward? Where does the shame come from with some touches? And when do you draw a line? Director Annechien de Vocht and choreographer Simon Bus, together with five energetic performers, create an exciting mix of hip-hop and “action theater”. With (un)ease, humor and vulnerability, we set boundaries and collectively break through the walls surrounding touch and intimacy. Are you ready to be touched?

  • Grease De Hitmusical

    William Spaaij, Marjolijn Touw, Esmee Dekker e.a.
    Wed 11 Oct ’23
    Sun 15 Oct ’23

    The musical Grease is a phenomenon. It is one of the longest-running musicals ever on Broadway, and it became a household name in our country due to the film that played with great success in cinemas 45 years ago.

  • Comedy Café

    The Laughing Lizard - 23/24
    Wed 11 Oct ’23
    Fri 24 May ’24

    "A popular series of comedy set in a café atmosphere in the Kameleon. Tables, a bar, and warm lighting. You hear the familiar sounds of gently clinking glasses and music playing. An MC enters, and he asks for your applause. Excitement mounts as the first artist is announced. Who will it be? Comedians and cabaret artists take the stage, from well-known names to up-and-coming talents. Every night is different. Don't miss these evenings if you like to laugh!"

  • Lehman Trilogy

    Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
    Thu 12 Oct ’23
    Fri 13 Oct ’23

    In the middle of the 19th century, three Jewish brothers emigrate from Bavaria to America. Living in the deep south, they start a small fabrics shop. They get rich in the cotton trade. Their family business develops into a dizzying financial empire that is handed down from generation to generation and continues to grow. In 2008, it is jointly responsible for the financial and banking crisis. This is how Lehman Brothers self-destructs. Lehman Trilogy has made waves on the West End and Broadway in recent years. Directed by Guy Cassiers, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam is performing this unparalleled story spanning 150 years in Dutch for the first time.

  • Lieve Vrienden, Familie, Genodigden

    Jan Hulst & Daan Heerma van Voss | Theater Bellevue | Theater Oostpool
    Thu 12 Oct ’23

    A son has only one night to do justice to his late father by writing the funeral speech only he can write – the truth about his father, whose suicide death has been shrouded in rumor and gossip. This is about a night when a funeral speech had to be written, and a best friend helped write it.

  • Naakt

    Gerrie Smits
    Fri 13 Oct ’23

    Cabaretier Gerrie Smits is een sympathieke en openhartige Brabander in hart en stembanden. Een verhalenverteller en filosoof die in zijn voorstelling ‘Naakt!’ zijn struggles deelt met als belangrijkste thema: vertrouwen. Hoe gaat hij na drie scheidingen met de vrijheid van zijn huidige open relatie om en de schaamte van zijn perfect Nederlands sprekende dochter rondom zijn eigen Brabants accent? Nadat hij de dood in de ogen heeft gekeken, geniet hij ten volste van het leven en alle schaamteloze acties die daarbij horen.

  • Doe eens lief

    Maas Theater en Dans
    Sun 15 Oct ’23

    In Doe eens lief, we practice the art of being sweet. With few words and a lot of climbing, falling, drawing, arguing, dancing and colliding. 

  • ik

    Het Houten Huis & Nordland Visual Theater
    STROOM | KinderTheaterWeek
    Sun 15 Oct ’23

    I've been running into myself too often lately. This morning, I left home on time, but once outdoors, I turned out to be partially still in bed. When I came back in the evening, my left-behind-self had blockaded the door. Through the window, I saw him running through the house. Everything had been turned upside down. The emails from my computer were crammed into the refrigerator, my goldfish were swimming around the houseplants, and my dirty laundry was hanging to dry outside. I saw him quickly slip into a painting on the wall. Now, I'm hiding under the bedcovers, but I know he's watching me…

  • de bAAs

    de zAAk A
    try-out | KinderTheaterWeek
    Tue 17 Oct ’23

    The world-famous animal trainer Monica A. and her poodle DingDong are entering the arena for their act ‘Dingen met Ringen’. But when Monica gets mad at DingDong again and starts to act as the boss, the tables turn. This leads to a power struggle. First the musician, then a cop, and finally the entire audience is dragged into the question: who is in charge here? de bAAs humorously takes you into the world of philosophy. Classic philosophical questions and themes are translated in an accessible way via a disruptive theater experience.

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