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  • Deelder Draait

    Ari Deelder en het Benjamin Herman Kwartet
    Thu 29 Feb ’24
    Een avond vol unieke verhalen, bijzondere jazz en vooral heel veel Deelder

    An enormous cabinet with thousands of records - all neatly organized by label and alphabet. It was Jules Deelder's life's work. He could pull a record out of that cabinet and know the music and the lyrics on the back by heart, and then he could also effortlessly recount little known facts. Deelder was the Jazz Encyclopedia. In this performance, Ari Deelder makes her way through the countless jazz records in her father's cabinet. An evening full of unique stories, special jazz and, above all, a lot of Deelder.

  • Dichtbij

    De Bevers in concert
    Fri 1 Mar ’24

    Ondanks het enorme succes van De Bevers, blijven John de Bever en Kees er zelf erg nuchter in. Doe maar normaal dan doe je al gek genoeg is hun levensmotto. Dit gevoel nemen ze dan ook het theater mee in.

  • Great Catch

    De CircusCoalitie
    Fri 1 Mar ’24

    A new generation of circus artists are showing off their special talents in a funny, moving and unique theater performance. Luuk Brantjes specializes in the possibilities of a teeterboard. His piece LONE is an ode to solitude, a plea for its tranquility and beauty. Tête-bêche (Marieke Thijssen, David Mupanda and Wilko Schütz) combine spectacular acrobatics in 3+1, using a diabolo as the fourth player. Harvey Cobb won the BNG Bank Circus Prize in 2022 with his idiosyncratic mix of comedy, improvisation and juggling. Harvey performs part of his first solo Pink Boots and An Alcoholic Sock Puppet.

  • Meer kan ik er niet over zeggen

    Teun van den Elzen
    Fri 1 Mar ’24

    Teun van den Elzen is one of the most exciting new names in Dutch cabaret. He won the Groninger Studenten Cabaret Festival, writes for Dit Was Het Nieuws, is a columnist for Spijkers met Koppen, played at Lowlands and has since graduated cum laude as a political scientist.

  • The Underground

    NITE, Club Guy & Roni, HIIIT en Asko|Schönberg
    Fri 1 Mar ’24
    A rollercoaster blend of theatre, dance, and music. 

    What has to happen for you to feel like a mere clown? A fool on the margins. Someone who finally gets their cake but gets it right in the face. The lowest of all life forms. And what has to happen before you’re completely fed up? Not content to be the laughingstock anymore? The Underground is a theatre performance, a concert, and a spectacular musical circus, where humour and tragedy are never far away. This inspiring NITE event is a rollercoaster blend of theatre, dance, and music. 

  • Wie is er bang voor Virginia Woolf?

    Sanne Wallis de Vries, Bas Hoeflaak, Alex Ploeg en Claire Bender
    Sat 2 Mar ’24

    Two couples undergo a booze-soaked night full of witty dialogues, dangerous games and verbal massacre. It’s the ultimate relationship drama, as Edward Albee's stage classic #Wie is er bang voor Virginia Woolf?# is invariably called. With Sanne Wallis de Vries, Bas Hoeflaak, Alex Ploeg and Claire Bender, they can combine villainous humor with morbid drama like no other. In this masterpiece, they push each other to the limit.

  • De Meester en Margarita

    Orkater | KONVOOI
    Sat 2 Mar ’24

    Based on Bulgakov's masterpiece De Meester en Margarita, KONVOOI investigates how man survives in a world in which truth seems to have lost its value. It is a search for something to hold on to in a time when people claim the right to their own reality. And facts seem to be just an opinion. A modern adaptation of a classic from the history of literature, interspersed with musical numbers and harmonious vocals.

  • Dreumesconcert

    Krulmuziek, klassiek voor kleintjes
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    A concert for fascinated ears, dancing feet and wiggly bottoms!

  • Blub!

    Krulmuziek, klassiek voor kleintjes
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    Blub! Swim with us in the sea of music where the sounds of violin, viola and the great cello sway on the waves. Dive deeper and deeper to the sounds of classical water music together with the fish, seahorses, octopus and jellyfish.


  • Peter Pan de musical

    Morssinkhof Terra Theaterproducties
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    Fantastic adventures await Wendy when Peter Pan flies into her bedroom and takes her to the magical world of Neverland. 

  • De Ramadan Conference

    Anuar, Dolf Jansen & Erhan Demirci
    Tue 5 Mar ’24

    Na traditionele conferences zoals de Oudejaars- en de Sinterklaasconference is het weer tijd voor een hilarische comedyshow over de mooiste maand van het jaar. De Ramadan Conference is een jaarlijks terugkerende productie met eerdere succesvolle edities in uitverkochte theaterzalen en tv-registraties met vele kijkers.

  • Fokker Blankers Tol

    Anne Wil Blankers, Henriëtte Tol, Renée Fokker
    Wed 6 Mar ’24

    Three sisters meet at what turns out to be a crossroads for them all.  For a while, they hide away together from the world to catch their breath and lose themselves in their memories. Only to find out that there are quite a few skeletons piled up in the closet. Anne Wil Blankers (seen in Driving Miss Daisy, Moeders en Zonen), Henriëtte Tol (seen in Soldaat van Oranje, Bloedverwanten) and Renée Fokker (seen in Judas, Wie is de Mol) perform in this tragicomedy about real women with a lifetime full of stories.

  • Rabbit Hole

    De Toneelmakerij | Theater Sonnevanck
    Thu 7 Mar ’24

    Samy doesn't leave his room anymore, doesn't go to school anymore, and ignores his friends. He has retreated into an online community where he has made new friends: Neo17 and his supporters. 

  • Rhythm & Flow

    ISH Dance Collective
    Thu 7 Mar ’24

    In the new theater performance Rhythm & Flow by ISH Dance Collective, musicians, freerunners and hip-hop dancers gather round the edges of the stage. What happens when the rhythms of these different disciplines merge or clash?

  • Particles of God

    Isabelle Beernaert
    Fri 8 Mar ’24

    With an international top cast, live music by Peter Bogaert, beautiful costumes, a luminous set, and choreography that takes both the bodies onstage and the emotions of the audience on a penetrating journey. Particles of God aims high, to the universe. Constantly in motion. Our home, which connects us all. This creative sparkle leads to a unique artistic interpretation in which music and dance are inextricably linked. Isabelle Beernaert guarantees musical diversity to the rhythm of the performance.

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