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  • Resilience

    United Cowboys
    Wed 6 Dec ’23
    Thu 7 Dec ’23

    United Cowboys is celebrating 30 years this year, and that’s something to celebrate. By invitation from the Parktheater, they are delivering two evenings full of dance, music, images and performance in the Philipszaal. The room where they have often been guests to make use of all possibilities and impossibilities. They’ll perform with 'old' and new cowboys and with a host of guests. Resilience stands for the ability to quickly recover from obstacles and the ability to bounce back into form – aka perseverance and resilience.

  • Club Salvador 2023

    Xarah von den Vielenregen & El Tigre Blanco
    Sat 9 Dec ’23

    Club Salvador takes you to a world of burlesque, cabaret, acrobatics, comedy and live music. An evening where the theater is transformed into a place that makes you forget where you are. 

  • A Forsythe Evening

    Nederlands Dans Theater
    Tue 12 Dec ’23

    After only a short run of performances during COVID-19, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) is looking forward to re-presenting A Forsythe Evening, which revives NDT's long-standing relationship with choreographer William Forsythe. Forsythe revolutionized the dance world and is known worldwide for his dynamic approach to the art form. His interest in choreographic structures forms the basis of Forsythe's extensive oeuvre: "I keep trying to understand how the term choreography can manifest itself in any circumstance." The works are accompanied by music from Forsythe's regular composer Thom Willems.

  • Closed Eyes

    Alida Dors | Theater Rotterdam
    Fri 22 Dec ’23

    In this new performance by Alida Dors, let yourself be transported through dance, film, music and 'spoken word' to Ganzee, a submerged village in Lake Brokopondo in Suriname. Do you dare surrender to the unknown? No longer run away from it? Then immerse yourself in a parallel world where the magic of the imagination reigns. In Closed Eyes, Alida takes you on a journey across all barriers of space and time, to imagine a hopeful vision for the future together.


    Nicole Beutler Projects
    Sat 13 Jan ’24
    Sun 14 Jan ’24

    Let yourself be transported to a future in which the theater has been overgrown by nature. In the moist, vibrating depths, nature has taken its place and the wild promise of a reality that is still unimaginable is gradually taking shape. Earth is finally catching its breath and becoming a pulsating post-apocalyptic paradise teeming with life. Fragments of romantic nature songs resound from the shadows. Hybrid creatures emerge in the moonlight. In this immersive visual performance, we are shown the way to a new balance. In ATMEN, Beutler goes in search of a new balance between man, animal, plant, fungus and technology.

  • Classical Ballet Gala Ukraine 4 ever

    United Ukrainian Ballet Company
    Tue 16 Jan ’24

    The United Ukrainian Ballet Company consists of 60 refugee dancers who have sought refuge in The Hague since the outbreak of war. In the past year, the company has danced, with great success, on all major dance stages throughout the world. Together with artistic director Igone de Jongh and Rinus Sprong, the company has put together an impressive ballet gala with works that show the beauty, strength and resistance of the Ukrainian dancers.

  • The End - part 2

    Arno Schuitemaker
    Wed 17 Jan ’24

    In this time when the tension between change and preservation is more palpable than ever, Arno Schuitemaker focuses on the future with The End - part 2. Through a mix of live and pre-recorded video images, we look at what was there, what is there, but also what is yet to come. Is the future a doomsday scenario? Or is there something new on the horizon? The impressive world he creates is urgent and a compelling dive into the unknown: a performance full of potential.

  • Pinocchio Effect

    Scapino Ballet Rotterdam | Cecilia Moisio | Maas Theater en Dans
    Thu 18 Jan ’24
    Fri 19 Jan ’24

    Dance, theater, live video and revealing performances in a family production for everyone from 10 to 110 years old. Full of humor and seriousness about something we all do -- lie! Why do we lie, and what about? In Pinocchio Effect, the dancers live together as one family in a house full of secret rooms. The family members try to manipulate each other or escape from reality. Slowly their lies and truths come to light, and they show their true natures. Brace yourself for the worst show in the world!

  • Losers

    Jelena Kostić
    Sat 27 Jan ’24

    We all know the feeling of being a loser. In Losers, choreographer Jelena Kostić explores the different guises of 'loserhood': shame, (self)pity, sadness, and the need to put our worse moments into perspective and transform them. Using humor as a weapon, Jelena brings universal human behavior to the stage. Jelena Kostić is also known for her dance films. As part of the evening, her latest dance film will also be screened, and it delves deeper into the absurd situations we can experience when we allow ourselves to be judged by others, for example in an audition or job application.

  • Swan Lake

    Tue 6 Feb ’24

    With Swan Lake, Belgian choreographer Stijn Celis makes a fresh, humorous, and innovative adaptation of the 'ballet of ballets: het Zwanenmeer. Important themes are the awakening of your senses and the need to find your own path. These themes are also what make this production very appealing and relatable for young audiences. In this grandly edited, lively family performance, the entire Introdans company shines against the backdrop of an impressive backdrop, set to the famous music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

  • Delusion 2.0

    Oxygen | Jennifer Romen
    Tue 20 Feb ’24

    Jennifer Romen (Maastricht, 1996) is a young, ambitious choreographer who, with her company Oxygen, impresses audiences with her unique visual work, such as the sold-out Delusion in 2023. In Delusion 2.0, Jennifer takes you into a next-level interplay between dance and illusion in a breathtaking, innovative form of theater. Let yourself be moved by this astonishing, stirring and meticulously executed coming-of-age performance.

  • Breakin' Convention

    Fri 23 Feb ’24

    Breakin' Convention, the pioneering London hip-hop festival, is coming back to the Netherlands! Experience spectacular and fiery performances by internationally renowned poppers, lockers, b-boys and b-girls, and discover local talent at this special festival. Jonzi D, the British hip-hop theater legend and artistic director for Breakin' Convention will, of course, be there, and along with DJs, workshops and freestyle sessions, they’ll take over the entire theater. Come along and celebrate the versatility of hip-hop culture! Breakin' Convention is not just a show, but rather a coming together of local and international crews while representing the true elements of hip-hop in each city visited.

  • Beauty Persists

    Igone de Jongh
    Fri 23 Feb ’24

    Igone de Jongh returns to her ultimate form of beauty: dance! 

  • Rythm & Flow

    ISH Dance Collective
    Thu 7 Mar ’24

    In the new theater performance Rhythm & Flow by ISH Dance Collective, musicians, freerunners and hip-hop dancers gather round the edges of the stage. What happens when the rhythms of these different disciplines merge or clash?

  • Particles of God

    Isabelle Beernaert
    Fri 8 Mar ’24

    With an international top cast, live music by Peter Bogaert, beautiful costumes, a luminous set, and choreography that takes both the bodies onstage and the emotions of the audience on a penetrating journey. Particles of God aims high, to the universe. Constantly in motion. Our home, which connects us all. This creative sparkle leads to a unique artistic interpretation in which music and dance are inextricably linked. Isabelle Beernaert guarantees musical diversity to the rhythm of the performance.

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