EXIT Macbeth

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Wed 23 Nov ’22 and Thu 24 Nov ’22
A visual, radical and interdisciplinary adaptation of the original piece
Wed 23 Nov ’22
Thu 24 Nov ’22

You know him, the alpha man. Shakespeare's character Macbeth is the archetype of this. The horror cocktail of lust for power, war and murderous ambition in the original play hides something important: nature resisting the incessant violence caused by humans.

That is exactly what the young German directors Jana Vetten and Jan-Christophe Gockel want to show in EXIT Macbeth. They take the humans out of the play and instead give nature and animals the leading role. They ask themselves: what is left then? And how can we restore our relationship with nature after giving it more space?

Designer Michael Pietsch (peaches&rooster) created unique dolls from stuffed animals that are brought to life by the dancers and actors from the NITE ensemble. It is the first time that Pietsch's puppets are being brought to life not by himself, but by dancers. This results in a visual, radical and interdisciplinary adaptation of the original piece.

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Directed by Jan-Christoph Gockel, Jana Vetten Cast Bien De Moor, Angela Herenda, Sarah Janneh, Jésula Toussaint Visser, Vos, Cameroon Sheep, Raaf and others.

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