Om de hoek woont een struik

Plankton | Sonja van Ojen & Hendrik Kegels
Sun 5 May ’24
Sun 5 May ’24

Theater maker duo Plankton and Sonja van Ojen & Hendrik Kegels are bringing a self-made miniature city to life in Om de hoek woont een struik

Not the people, but the Maple, the Lampposts, the Public Toilet, the Chimney, the Beetles under the rooftiles, and the Kiosk in the square all play the leading roles. Day breaks, a rubbish bin blows over, a plastic bag gets entangled in the branches of a tree, a pigeon defecates on the statue, the crocuses open. 

This wonderfully imaginative and wordless performance is accompanied by a cinematic soundtrack by Studio Ree (Frederik de Clercq). Plankton makes visual theater for all ages. The work of this maker duo is visual, absurd and playful.

Om de hoek woont een struik was one of the three winners of the 2020 BNG Bank Theater Prize and was selected for the Dutch Theater Festival in 2021.

From the press:
In Om de hoek woont een struik, it is the things, the walls, the DIXI toilets and the underground boulders that come to life”... “This is how the makers stimulate imagination and attention to our surroundings – once outside every colorful detail is noticeable, from a crooked pole to balconies under construction. And before you know it, you are driving with a new story in your head about that roundabout”. (Theaterkrant)

A wonderful feast of shopping trolleys in polonaise, discotheque apartment buildings and a timidly flirtatious weeping willow. The world, it turns out, does not need people in order to celebrate.” (NRC)

  • Excludes beverage
  • Children must also hold a ticket



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