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  • De Ramadan Conference

    Anuar, Dolf Jansen & Erhan Demirci
    Tue 5 Mar ’24

    Na traditionele conferences zoals de Oudejaars- en de Sinterklaasconference is het weer tijd voor een hilarische comedyshow over de mooiste maand van het jaar. De Ramadan Conference is een jaarlijks terugkerende productie met eerdere succesvolle edities in uitverkochte theaterzalen en tv-registraties met vele kijkers.

  • Korte metten

    Jeroens Clan
    Fri 8 Mar ’24

    The coarse musical zap cabaret of the nineties is back in a new guise. Fresh, rough-mouthed and with a straight leg. Socially critical songs, misogynistic bluster and patriarchal filth, but with a contemporary portion of vulnerability. Good thing, too. So, you can just laugh about it. In their second program, Bram Kroon, Matthias Tuns and Jip de Poorter mercilessly make short work of themselves, each other and the audience in the front row.

  • Jaloezie is een bitch

    Kirsten van Teijn
    Sat 9 Mar ’24

    Kirsten feels like a rich bitch with not just one, but two relationships. Polyamory mastered! But her 'open mind' is put to the test when her friend suddenly falls in love with someone else. In Jaloezie is een bitch, Kirsten takes on juicy jealousy – a forbidden emotion infused with love, but baring sharp fangs. In 2022, Kirsten won the prestigious VSCD cabaret prize Neerlands Hoop for (S)experiment, about the (im)possibility of entering into a relationship with a man and a woman at the same time.

  • Geubels gaat in bad

    Philippe Geubels
    Mon 11 Mar ’24
    Wed 13 Mar ’24

    The driest comedian in the lowlands is taking a bath. And you can gather round, because in addition to the bathtub, Philippe Geubels also wants to fill up theater halls again. Philippe does exactly as you expect of him by shining a light on overpriced food trucks, Christmas decorations at funeral houses, and the history of the croquette. But from the safety of his bathtub, he also dares to muse about cruel loss and grab hold of your grief only to, afterwards, open the tap of nonsense wide open.

  • Bossen

    Gover Meit (voorheen Stefano Keizers)
    Wed 13 Mar ’24

    Stefano Keizers, the previous stage name of Gover Meit, who is now called Donny Ronny, is dead. What will he do now that the public has finally embraced him? The answer is: Bossen! This ensemble performance will annihilate the few remaining theatrical rules left. There is no script. There is no rehearsal. Every night will be different. Everyone has secrets from each other. The actors (in total, 6 per evening) consist of a combination of very established names and undiscovered talents from all corners of the world. From Claudia de Breij to Jennifer Hoffman, and from Soy Kroon to Kjeld Nuis.

  • 30 jaar on stage

    Najib Amhali
    Sat 16 Mar ’24
    Tue 19 Mar ’24

    Comedian Najib Amhali is back with a new show! And this time a very special one: he’s celebrating 30 years of being on stage. In this new show, he looks back on his life – a Hollywood story in the Netherlands with a lot of ups! You will be treated to new stories and characters, and re-enactments of skits and characters that made Najib famous. With his life story as the common thread. Najib goes all out in this show to surprise you again and make his new characters legendary once more."

  • NG

    Van der Laan en Woe
    Thu 21 Mar ’24
    Fri 22 Mar ’24

    While Van der Laan and Woe are causing a furor on television with Even Tot Hier, they only really feel at home in the theater. They are bringing their most personal theater performance ever. At least, for Jeroen. What kind of person is he? What drives him? Where does he come from, and where is he going? Together with Niels, he goes in search of the answers to the most pressing questions of his existence. In NG, Van der Laan and Woe’s seventh theater show, they deliver a performance teeming with jokes, scenes and musical acts.

  • Team Solo

    Merijn Scholten
    Sat 23 Mar ’24

    In Team Solo, Merijn Scholten and his alter-egos go back to the basics: alone, because that's just what we are. Musical, fast and very funny. It is comedy with an almost irrepressible love for fellow human beings.

    ''It is a blessing that we can now experience Merijn Scholten's great comedy live in the theater.'' ★★★★★ wrote de Volkskrant about Team Solo.

  • A vida rosa

    Rosa da Silva
    Thu 28 Mar ’24

    "I'll enjoy myself soon." But when is soon? And how do you know if you are enjoying yourself? After living in a pink cloud for a while, Rosa has landed again. Since the birth of her daughter, she wonders if she has followed her own path so far. But first she needs to know who she is. In A vida rosa, she makes you part of the search for her identity. Expect a personal and musical performance with a mix of beautiful listening songs.

  • Bouwjaar ‘61

    Diederik van Vleuten
    Thu 28 Mar ’24

    Diederik was nearly eight years old when the first astronauts landed on the moon. The images made an indelible impression on him. His world view was largely shaped by Asterix, Tintin and information from Kijk. And maybe it still is. Diederik wonders what is now left of the astonishment, wonder and admiration of this guy who was created in '61. Half a century back in time is only one small step for master storyteller Van Vleuten. Afterwards, we will know what that small step means for humanity.

  • Comedy Café

    The Laughing Lizard - 23/24
    Thu 28 Mar ’24
    Fri 24 May ’24

    "A popular series of comedy set in a café atmosphere in the Kameleon. Tables, a bar, and warm lighting. You hear the familiar sounds of gently clinking glasses and music playing. An MC enters, and he asks for your applause. Excitement mounts as the first artist is announced. Who will it be? Comedians and cabaret artists take the stage, from well-known names to up-and-coming talents. Every night is different. Don't miss these evenings if you like to laugh!"

  • Wildbloei

    Valentina Tóth
    Fri 29 Mar ’24

    Valentina Tóth's first full-length performance is called Wildbloei, an ode to this hysterical woman. In her tragicomic, musical and #over the top# one-woman show, she explores the boundaries and clichés of the image of women in our society. Armed with a good dose of musicality, humor, quick transitions and fantastic characters, she keeps her audience in sight with #Wildbloei#, and hopefully generates a bit of sympathy. Or alienation. That’s fine too.

  • Finalistentour 2024

    Leids Cabaret Festival
    Fri 29 Mar ’24

    Discover the new generation of comedians during the Finalist Tour of the Leids Cabaret Festival. With a jury prize, audience prize or student prize in their pockets, these finalists are traveling the country and doing their final evening once again. Without the stress and sheer panic this time, but definitely with extra fun. Come on out and be delighted!

  • Brothers

    Ashton Brothers
    Sat 30 Mar ’24
    Mon 1 Apr ’24

    Straight through the physical boundaries of theater. Across space and time. Straight through skin and hair, in a straight line to your heart. In this brand-new show, the Ashton Brothers pay tribute to each other, and to the tribe they form together. They take you into their infinite universe. Its own cosmos of magic and musicality, with spectacular and hilarious breakneck feats. Brothers gives you a surprising look at the resilience of our existence and the planet upon which we roam.

  • Wat als

    Claudia de Breij
    Wed 3 Apr ’24
    Fri 5 Apr ’24

    There is not a generation that has not grown up with the music, performances and books of Claudia de Breij. Name a theater award, and Claudia has received it. Following her third New Year's Eve show, which was acclaimed by the press and public, she took a much-needed break. Now, Claudia de Breij is well-rested, inspired, and back in theaters with a brand new performance. Will you be there?

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