Club Salvador 2023

Xarah von den Vielenregen & El Tigre Blanco
Sat 9 Dec ’23 20:00 - 22:50
The smoky nightclub is back!
Sat 9 Dec ’23
20:00 - 22:50

Club Salvador takes you to a world of burlesque, cabaret, acrobatics, comedy and live music. An evening where the theater is transformed into a place that makes you forget where you are. 

Beads of sweat illuminated by light, glitter on your pants and the wind through your hair. In the carousel of your dreams, the impossible comes close at hand and the night is a celebration. International burlesque starlet Xarah von Den Vielenregen and Eindhoven musician EL Tigre Blanco treat you to an experience of escapism. As colorful and surreal as the brushstrokes of the grandmaster Dalí himself.

Dress code: take that stylish suit to the cleaners, make an appointment at the hairdresser, and get out your flashiest shoes. Think: glitter & glamour, black tie, evening dress, burlesque, roaring twenties, 30s, 40s, 50s, Great Gatsby, flapper girl, dandy, decadent chic...

  • 16+
  • VIP seats are sold out
    In addition to the regular seats in the hall, VIP seats are also available. VIP tickets include your own table at the stage, welcome drink and snacks.
  • Catering in the hall

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In seizoen 2023/2024 presenteren we, naast ruim 330 voorstellingen, meer bijzonders.
Iedereen is welkom en uitgenodigd om deel te nemen. 

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