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Wed 27 Mar ’24 20:30
Where do the stories begin, and the facts end?
Wed 27 Mar ’24

The Trojan War is a myth, but the fall of Troy is a fact. So, where do the stories begin, and the facts end?

When a war rages on the screens of our TVs or smartphones, we think we see the truth, whereas it is actually a story presented to us by the media. How are the facts represented? And who benefits from that?

Troy is about to fall. The future of the city is not determined by fate or the gods, but by the Trojan elite: Queen Hecuba is content only with victory and is ready to sacrifice everything for this. Andromache must secure the throne for her son. And Cassandra believes she is the only one who can save her family from itself. Through their position of power, the privileged class can afford a level of comfort and security. Meanwhile, the common people are on the battlefield. But what is patriotism worth if winning the war largely ensures a privileged, established order?

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