In search of new horizons with forward thinkers and theater makers

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In January 2023, the Parktheater and BrabantKennis is presenting Nieuwe Maan: festival for transformation. In a diverse program full of performances, Moon lectures and shows, the audience is taken into a world of new visions of the future, full of hope and connection.

The moon in this festival is a symbol of transformation and connection. In the past century, the journey to the moon gave us a common goal that made the impossible possible. However, that connection sometimes seems difficult to find these days. Climate change, overpopulation, pandemics... humanity today faces significant challenges and a task to transform. In search of new horizons, theater makers and forward thinkers are sketching out new perspectives on the future. What ‘moon aspirations’ are needed to achieve our major, fundamental goals for the future and for those of the next generation?

Looking for new horizons, new connections and a new story
BrabantKennis is an independent think tank that, in a curious and innovative way, identifies and explores otherwise hidden developments that (will) have an impact on Brabant. Their way of thinking offers the opportunity to see more than you would normally see and encourages you to do things differently by looking at the world differently. Their aim is to inspire regional decision makers in shaping the future, based on knowledge and creativity.

Through its theater programs, the Parktheater also offers different perspectives. Theater makers, using their own realities as a starting point, appeal to imagination, fantasy and creative thinking in a completely different way.

Together, the Parktheater and BrabantKennis have looked beyond their primary roles and have found each other precisely at the intersection of imagination, knowledge and new perspectives. This combination is offering the opportunity to sketch out new horizons, both from the perspective of theater makers and that of knowledge and science


André Kuipers highlights how space travel can no longer be ignored when thinking about the future. In Zeemaal by Sien Vanmaele, you are taken on a sensory journey and the question -- can we save the world from the kitchen? -- is answered. 

Nicole Beutler's dance opera Ginkgo presents a frantic fight for survival delivered through ecstatic dance. Theater company Maria Guerrera gives a refresher course with reis naar de mens (journey to humanity), for those who feel like being among people again after the corona pandemic.

  • Zvizdal

    Wed 10 Jan ’24

    Due to the explosion of a reactor, the lives of the people living in and around the city of Pripyat take a drastic turn. The people from nearly 90 towns and villages situated within a 30 km radius around the reactor are being evacuated, never to return. Pétro and Nadia, a couple born and raised in Zvizdal, refuse to be evacuated and decline the offer of a new home. They prefer to stay in their old village, in their own home. A universal portrait about loneliness, survival, poverty, hope, and yes, also the love between two people surrounded by a colorless, odorless but permanent radiation hazard.


    Nicole Beutler Projects
    Sat 13 Jan ’24
    Sun 14 Jan ’24

    Let yourself be transported to a future in which the theater has been overgrown by nature. In the moist, vibrating depths, nature has taken its place and the wild promise of a reality that is still unimaginable is gradually taking shape. Earth is finally catching its breath and becoming a pulsating post-apocalyptic paradise teeming with life. Fragments of romantic nature songs resound from the shadows. Hybrid creatures emerge in the moonlight. In this immersive visual performance, we are shown the way to a new balance. In ATMEN, Beutler goes in search of a new balance between man, animal, plant, fungus and technology.

  • Overvloed

    Patrick Nederkoorn & Sjoerd Groeskamp
    Tue 23 Jan ’24

    Welcome to the year 2100. Turn on your radio and hear what the world has become. Is the Netherlands sitting on stilts? Has the Amazon lost its green? Or are we celebrating that we stopped climate change? At a time when one alarming report about the climate follows another, physics oceanographer Sjoerd Groeskamp and comedian Patrick Nederkoorn join forces. In Overvloed, they mix cabaret, climate and science. The result is a theater performance in which you are taken along in their imagination of the future. And through humor, it becomes clear what the consequences of climate change are.


In these Moon lectures, the imagination of theater meets science, and we look for new, utopian future images of hope and connection. Featured speakers are Sander Schimmelpenninck, Heleen de Coninck, Katrien ter Meer and Jurriën Hamer, each giving a Moon lecture. They are inspiring keynote speakers, with science and knowledge as their starting points and theater as the catalyst for imagination and creative thinking. Standing in front of a large, illuminated moon in an otherwise darkened foyer of the Parktheater, these Moon orators will share with their audiences their wish for a better world, and a better Brabant.

Maanrede gemist?

De Maanredes worden opgenomen en zijn achteraf terug te kijken op Youtube. Of luister ze via de podcast op Spotify. Afgelopen jaar gaven Sander Schimmelpenninck, Heleen de Coninck, Katrien ter Meer en Jurriën Hamer een inspirerende Maanrede. Kijk of luister ze hieronder terug. 

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Why have the Parktheater and BrabantKennis organized this festival?

Parktheater Eindhoven wants to be more than just a host of performances and more than just a building in the city of Eindhoven. We see it as our task to strengthen, utilize and challenge Eindhoven -- and thus fulfill a leading role in the 'Touchable Society': an inspiring, inclusive, sharing and healing society.

BrabantKennis broadens perspective on the present and connects knowledge with policy. Their vision is that giving meaning to knowledge is essential for the well-being and future of Brabant. That is why they explore the future of Brabant in their own way: in an independent, curious and innovative manner. They stimulate people to think and keep Brabant sharp. They do this from a basic positive attitude, but with a transversal view in order to keep politics, policy and society sharp in Brabant. 

Now, Parktheater and BrabantKennis are joining forces to unite their missions for a strong, future-proof society by hosting a program full of inspiration, wonder, knowledge and new horizons. A joint effort to better understand and strengthen Brabant and Eindhoven.