Voor mensen die wat te vertellen hebben.
Voor makers die wat te vertellen hebben.

Een nieuwe STROOMing is ontstaan. Het Parktheater is namelijk altijd in beweging, voor jou en met jou. Beweging genereert energie en dat geven we door in de voorstellingen van STROOM. Een nieuwe stroming voor mensen boordevol ideeën, kritische blik en nieuwsgierige aard. Voor mensen die wat te vertellen hebben. Voor makers die wat te vertellen hebben. Talentvolle opkomende en gevestigde theatermakers onderzoeken de wereld, doorbreken vaste denkkaders en proberen verschillen tussen mensen te overbruggen. Verhalen die verteld mogen worden in voorstellingen die raken, schuren, verbinden. Bij STROOM zijn jij en ik onderdeel van het verhaal.

  • MeetUp
    Na de voorstelling kun je in gesprek met de maker tijdens de MeetUp. Wie geef jij inspiratie? Wat zet jij in beweging? Geef de energie door. Word onderdeel van de #doorSTROOM.
  • Lage prijs van € 15,00
    STROOM voorstellingen zijn er in de genres theater, dans en jeugdtheater. Je bezoekt een STROOM avond voor de vaste lage prijs van € 15,00 (jeugdvoorstellingen € 12,50). 

Alle voorstellingen van STROOM: 

  • De Meester en Margarita

    Orkater | KONVOOI
    Sat 2 Mar ’24

    Based on Bulgakov's masterpiece De Meester en Margarita, KONVOOI investigates how man survives in a world in which truth seems to have lost its value. It is a search for something to hold on to in a time when people claim the right to their own reality. And facts seem to be just an opinion. A modern adaptation of a classic from the history of literature, interspersed with musical numbers and harmonious vocals.

  • Rabbit Hole

    De Toneelmakerij | Theater Sonnevanck
    Thu 7 Mar ’24

    Samy doesn't leave his room anymore, doesn't go to school anymore, and ignores his friends. He has retreated into an online community where he has made new friends: Neo17 and his supporters. 

  • Birds

    DOX | Dalton Jansen
    Tue 12 Mar ’24

    Real freedom, what does it look like? How do you deal with the future if you haven't had a safe nest? Are you ready for society? And is society ready for you?

  • Versus

    Theater Utrecht
    Thu 14 Mar ’24

    What moves a group of people who fall for the aura, the vision and the promises of a Great Leader? And is that covenant doomed to bring out the worst in man, or is it our only salvation? Versus promises to be a musically overwhelming and intoxicating journey through our greatest desires and fears about how we relate to one another. Two actors and eight cellists do everything they can to once and for all fight out the great primal human conflict, me versus another.


    Circus Treurdier
    Fri 22 Mar ’24

    Are you humble, the kind who doesn't like to impose on anyone? Or were you born to take the spotlight? An ever-present chatterbox who never minces words? Circus Treurdier is back with BAAAAAA, a musical and bitter-comic performance about a humble person in an extremely vocal world. BAAAAAA was selected for the Official Jury Selection 2022 by the Nederlandse Toneeljury, Jan-Paul Buijs was nominated for the Louis d'Or, and closing song Goddank was nominated for the Annie M.G. Schmidt Prize 2022.

  • Huis van Troje

    Toneelschuur producties | Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
    Wed 27 Mar ’24

    The Trojan War is a myth, but the fall of Troy is a fact. So, where do the stories begin, and the facts end?

  • Rijnreisje

    De Toneelmakerij
    Sat 6 Apr ’24

    Join us on a journey along the Rhine and discover wonderful myths and stories about Europe's most important river.

  • HEAT

    Theater Rotterdam | Davy Pieters
    Tue 16 Apr ’24

    Heat is everywhere. It is impossible to escape it, and all resistance of it is in vain. The ever-rising, uncontrollable temperature affects us all. In HEAT, theater maker Davy Pieters zooms in on the influence that climate change has on the relationships within a family. She examines the way behavior, patterns and trauma are passed on from generation to generation, using the family as a metaphor for our society. A colossal fifty-piece choir creates a firestorm of sound. After #CRISPR#, in which the element of water stood central, and Not all is lost, in which the earth was discussed, Pieters now uses fire as a metaphor for our global system and behaviour.


    Amenti Theatre Company | Gil the Grid
    Fri 26 Apr ’24

    In NOM.NOS, through West African myths, the cast goes on a journey in search of their original names.

  • Open

    Thu 9 May ’24
  • Wunderbaum speelt live (online gaat het mis)

    STROOM | nieuwe maan
    Tue 30 Jan ’24

    In this performance, Wunderbaum tackles one of the most pressing questions of this century: How much of our time do we want to spend online? As parents and educators, we hear stories of kids taking on different identities in 20 different Whatsapp groups, secretly owning a second phone, and preferring to celebrate New Year's with their friends online in #World of Warcraft#. Or is that all just exaggeration? And what right do we actually have to speak if we regularly find ourselves scrolling and staring at a screen when our child is talking to us?

  • Pech

    George & Eran Producties | Theater De Krakeling
    Sun 28 Jan ’24

    Why do some people have more chances than others? And why do some people always have bad luck and others don't? Bad luck by George & Eran Productions is a musical magic-realist family show about taking matters into your own hands and fighting an unfair system.

  • Sawdust Symphony

    Michael Zandl, David Eisele & Kolja Huneck
    Tue 12 Dec ’23

    In a society where old-fashioned craftsmanship seems to be disappearing, this contemporary circus performance responds to the human desire to keep on creating: the process from idea to actual construction, the relationship between man and his tools, and the tragedy of working on a project. Three obsessed characters take the audience on a unique 'do-it-yourself' experience in which they discover and transform their own workspace and themselves. Sawdust Symphony is an intense dialogue between frustration, euphoria and the smell of petrol.

  • High

    Danstheater AYA
    Tue 28 Nov ’23

    High is about being high on life! The drive to feel and experience everything. Achieving ecstasy by being in the here and now. For that, you have to explore boundaries and take risks. Let's get everything out of life and celebrate it. You never know how long it will last. Pain and loss are part of it for everyone. You might be afraid of it. Because without downs, there are no ups. A dance performance by house choreographer Anne Suurendonk about extreme zest for life. About living consciously and being truly present.

  • Koning Gilgamesj

    Charlie Duran | DIEHELEDING
    Sun 12 Nov ’23

    Koning Gilgamesj is a contemporary retelling of the oldest written epic in the world. A story about friendship and the inconsolable sadness you feel when you lose someone you love dearly. This story, told through cool hip-hop beats, is about friendship and loss. The audience gets to influence the events on stage. The spectators use an interactive puzzle box to determine how the musical story will unfold. Beats, puzzles, rap and an ancient universal hero story are the ingredients for the ultimate interactive experience in this theatrical game.

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Pak een drankje, zoek een plekje en maak je klaar voor mooie ontmoetingen en echte gesprekken. Waar een reguliere voorstelling stopt gaat STROOM verder. STROOM bevraagt, bekijkt, belicht en beleeft. Na de voorstelling kun je in gesprek met de maker tijdens de MeetUp. Onze host bevraagt samen met jou de boodschap en motivatie van de maker. Bij STROOM zijn jij en ik onderdeel van het verhaal. Welke ideeën deel jij? Welke inzichten ontvang jij? Welke inspiratie geef jij? Geef de energie door. Word onderdeel van de #doorSTROOM. 

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Wat zet jij in beweging? Geef de energie door.
Word onderdeel van de #doorSTROOM.

Beweging ontstaat wanneer iemand de eerste stap durft te zetten. Waar een reguliere voorstelling  stopt gaat STROOM verder. STROOM bevraagt, bekijkt, belicht en beleeft. Tijdens en na de voorstelling van STROOM word je verrast met nieuwe inzichten en inspiratie. Geef de energie door en deel jouw waardevolle inzichten! Jouw inzichten vormen inspiratie voor anderen en daarmee komt de #doorSTROOM in beweging.

Onze #doorSTROOM community is niet alleen online zichtbaar. Ook tijdens je bezoek aan een STROOM voorstelling kun jij jouw ideeën en inzichten over het besproken thema opschrijven en doorgeven aan anderen via ons interactief prikbord. We hebben een paar mooie, inspiratievolle inzichten uit de #doorSTROOM gepikt voor je! Wat doe jij met deze inzichten? Laat je je verrassen door nieuwe perspectieven en denkkaders? Geef jij de energie door? Word onderdeel van de #doorSTROOM.