Laat me - Isabelle Beernaert

Vitoria Writes

It is always a pleasant surprise to watch performances we selected for this project. The universe of dance and performing arts is unique, exciting and full of discoveries to be made. For the (international) audience still not so used to watch contemporary dance performances, Laat me is a great way to introduce you to the dance world. 

Following your own voice
Laat me or Don’t Mind Me, in English, makes you wonder if this performance is an autobiographic work of the artist or from ourselves. Beernaert is contemporary, actual and touching upon themes related to our everyday lives. “Many people experience a high form of performing pressure, with the fear of failure and of disappointing others. (…) you get a hundred impressions per day to process, there is so much to see, so much to strive for. But is that who you truly are? How do you make sure to keep following your own voice?”. 

Your deepest self
Still, according to the dance company, Laat me is all about the search to your deepest self, to let go of all the beliefs that have been instilled in you throughout life, to become aware of who you truly are, to step into that power and to live out of that conviction, from your soul. Isabelle Beernaert masters the process of translating such feelings and thoughts to the stage, she is able to express life in a strong, intense and sensible way through her choreographies. Perspectives, narratives, dreams and frustrations, evolve us as waves that come and go, gently laying us over the next dance at this performance. 
The choreographer was born in Kortrijk (BE) and at a young age moved to Antwerp to follow her dreams. For Laat Me, she stays close to home being inspired by, and bringing to the stage the soundtrack of the grand Dutch spoken music masters. Beernaert believes that our first language is closest to the heart. 

Second language
As internationals or for anyone that is able to speak a second language, we can relate to that. We know how hard it is sometimes to express ourselves in another language about our passions, emotions or struggles when we are on the edge of a situation for example. It means yes, a lot of Dutch lyrics at this performance, but on the other hand a great opportunity to discover what else Dutch spoken songs can be beyond to what we are used to hear on the radio or during carnival times. And exactly because sometimes it is not possible to follow the lyrics that as audience we can be easily carried away by other perceptions and signals in many moments of this performance. 

Laat me is as beautiful as dance can be, it is a mastery of modern dance techniques, it is a beautiful way to start the year filling your heart with inspiration, empowerment and hope. “Laat Me is a wake up call. Don’t mind me and just let me be. Let me be free to be who I am.”

I see you January 14th at Parktheater.
Vitoria Aquino

Laat me - Isabelle Beernaert
Parktheater Eindhoven
January, Tuesday 14th, 2020 – 8:00 PM