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Vier Verhalen en Een Dag - Spinvis en Introdans

Vitoria Writes

Introdans, meaning literally introduction to dance, it is a contemporary dance company founded and based in Arnhem since 1971. Along the years, the company fought to show that there is a lot of space for dance outside of the Randstad area (Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague), and year by year they succeed in stablishing their name around the country and outside of the Netherlands.

Full house
The Stadstheater in Arnhem looked to be ready for a premiere with a full house. A program was handed at the entrance, unfortunately it was only available in Dutch, which was kind of a disappointment because the booklet was nicely made, with poems, extra information about the costumes and scenario, some curiosities about the play, the company and the collaboration between all the artists that were involved in the creation process.

Spinvis and Saartje Van Camp
Four stories in one day is a play for families with kids. It is a storytelling production with collaboration between the musicians Spinvis and Saartje Van Camp that wrote the lyrics and music, and Adriaan Luteijn and Marlena Wolfe that created the choreography together with Introdans dancers. Between narratives, songs and dance, the audience was introduced to Moira, a girl that wished to have an apple and to be able to visit the future. The girl’s name relates to the Greek myth of Moirai, the three ladies responsible for sewing the wire of fate, and it is the inspiration for the story.

A magic time
Unfortunately, Four Stories and one day is not as internationally friendly as I was expecting. Does that mean is it not worth it watching? No. Is it a program for a first date? Also no. The music and text are in Dutch and understanding it is important to follow the story around what’s happening with Moira. However, with a quick peak at Introdans’ website, fully available in English and a basic knowledge of the Dutch language you and your family, especially the kids, will have a magic time.

Practice your Dutch skills
The story is simple and effective, the scenario is creative, dancers are technically impeccable on stage and the musicians steal the show. It is a nice balance where music and dance have an equal place, and if you want to practice your Dutch skills here is your opportunity. The play is easy to understand, and it has a lot of musical and visual elements that take you through a world of imagination.

Be prepared
Just to be sure you are prepared, here are a few key words you might need to be able to follow Moira in her adventures through the future:

Wensen: wishes
Toekomst: future
Veranderen: to change
Ik wil jou zijn: I want to be you
Zaad: seed

Curious to know more?
Check Introdans website for more info and I see you March 30th at Parktheater @ Introdans - Vier verhalen en een dag.

Vier Verhalen en Een Dag - Spinvis en Introdans
Parktheater Eindhoven
March, Saturdagy 30, 2019