#Braincandies Large Live

Urban Dansdagen
Fri 5 May ’23 20:30 - 22:40
Fri 5 May ’23
20:30 - 22:40

#BRAINCANDIES LARGE LIVE is a speaker event where people from different backgrounds interact with each other in a creative way, while sharing their opinions on important topics.

This BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION is dedicated to the theme "The Resilience of HipHop Culture." Over the past 50 years, HipHop culture has endured, with each generation building on the foundations laid by the previous one. It's important for us as a community to work together to support each other and pass on knowledge and skills to future generations of dancers. The resilience of HipHop dance culture speaks to the power of community and inspires us to continue to grow, overcome challenges, and make progress as a culture. We invite 5 inspiring speakers to share their stories with the audience.

The evening program consists of 5 talks of approximately 10 minutes each, with interactive activities between each talk. The program and talks will be in English.


1. Ryan “Future” Web  - The Driving Force: Tradition Bearing in Street Dance Culture
Ryan Webb, a dancer with years of experience in various dance forms, embarked on a mission to connect with people and communities of origin. He learned the importance of being a Tradition Bearer through mentorship and realized the need for a full commitment to culture, community, and people.

In his #BRAINCANDIES, "The Driving Force," Ryan shares his personal experiences as a tradition bearer and offers clear guidelines and examples to encourage responsible culture-sharing for those learning art forms outside their community of origin. He also shares his 5 Core Tradition Bearing Principles to help others navigate the process in a mindful and healthy way. Join Ryan as he takes you on a journey through his life, dance, culture, and lifestyle.

2. Frieda Frost - Stances and Studies: perspectives on breaking narratives
Renowned dancer, choreographer, and hiphop scholar, Frieda Frost, captivates audiences with her inspiring journey in the world of HipHop. Initially focusing on mastering moves and music, she soon delved into the culture and history of HipHop, overcoming challenges as a woman in a male-dominated scene. Her curiosity led her to question the dominant narrative and broaden her perspective on breaking.  With a decade of academic research and interdisciplinary knowledge, Frieda has gained critical insights on breaking as both a dancer and scholar. Don't miss the opportunity to hear Frieda's inspiring #BRAINCANDIES and learn about her contributions and wishes for the community. 

3. Carmen Verduyn - Hiphop reform-pedagogy: On how the streets become the parents... Again.
Carmen Verduyn is an educator and advocate for HipHop reform-pedagogy. In her #BRAINCANDIES, Carmen will shed light on the transformative power of HipHop culture as a form of pedagogy, where the streets become the parents once again. With her deep understanding of HipHop and its impact on youth education, Carmen will share her insights on how this innovative approach can create positive change, empower communities, and shape the future of education. Get ready to be inspired by Carmen's unique perspective on how HipHop can revolutionize the way we educate and mentor the next generation.

4. Paulo Nunes - Beyond the dance floor: Community, Creativity, and Hard Work
Paulo Nunes is Cape Verdean by birth, but grew up in the Netherlands. He is also known as The Godfather of Dutch Breakdance and is the first Dutch breaking world champion. Paulo Nunes has been active in the breakdance scene since the 1980s. Hip-hop came over from America in the early 1980s and brought with it the collective terms DJing, graffiti, mc-ing and breaking. The Netherlands soon grew to become one of Europe's best breaking countries and Rotterdam was home to most Bboys & Bgirls, including Paulo Nunes at Dynamic Rockers. Thanks to his exceptional dance skills and personal vision, he inspires many and is a living legend in the Dutch scene. In his #BRAINCANDIES, Paulo shares a wealth of personal anecdotes and experiences, about community, creativity and hard work.

5. Kevin Paradox - The Evolution of Dance: Where the Collective Consciousness is Taking Us
Kevin a.k.a. Paradox is a renowned hip-hop freestyle dancer who has won numerous battles and is known for teaching his students the art of freestyle in a holistic manner.In his #BRAINCANDIES, he will share his experiences and thoughts on the longevity of hip-hop dance culture. Kevin will reflect on the collective consciousness of dance around the world and where it is heading.  As a professional dancer, Kevin brings a unique perspective to the conversation and will undoubtedly inspire and enlighten his audience.

At #BRAINCANDIES LARGE LIVE, the audience is also an active participant, making this a group effort rather than a task solely on the shoulders of the speakers. We have fun, inspire each other, and share unconventional moments with new people. Five speakers share a message on the theme "The Resilience of HipHop Culture," and 50 people in the audience are encouraged to interact with each other through various creative activities.


  • Afterwards, there will be a drink at Kameleon and an afterparty in the Theatercafé.
  • The programme is in English


Ryan "Future" Web - The Driving Force: Tradition Bearing in Street Dance Culture
Ryan Webb, a dancer with years of experience in various dance forms, learned the importance of being a Tradition Bearer through mentorship. In his #BRAINCANDIES, "The Driving Force," Ryan shares his personal experiences as a tradition bearer and offers clear guidelines and examples for dealing responsibly with sharing culture for those who teach art forms outside that culture's community of origin. Join Ryan on a journey through his life, dance, culture and lifestyle.

Frieda Frost

Paulo Nunes

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