Yellow Horizon

Annemijn Rijk
stroom | nieuwe maan
Thu 9 Jan ’25 20:30 - 21:30
A performance that makes your senses sway
Thu 9 Jan ’25
20:30 - 21:30

Yellow Horizon is sensory experience theater. Physically disorienting, resembling a ritual, it offers an opportunity to sharpen your senses and discover a new sensitivity, a new horizon.

We experience the world through our senses: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and hands. Each of us has our own set, each forming our own variant of the same world. And how that world enters us, in turn, shapes our identity. How do we relate to our environment? And how does that environment change us?

For Yellow Horizon, choreographer and philosopher Annemijn Rijk and scenographer Theun Mosk explored the principles of spatial, sensory, and physical disorientation. Yellow Horizon is not a standard performance, but an experience, actually a ritual, that makes your senses sway. Everything comes directly to you. By playing with light and darkness, breath and perspective, the theater space is not the space it seems for an hour. This sharpens your senses, and you perceive the world differently than you are used to. Dancer Noemi Calzavara, mime player Niels van Heijningen, and actress Sofie Porro are your guides on this free fall.

We dive deep within. Not by deep thinking, but by momentarily setting aside the usual way we understand, interpret, or appropriate the world. What remains when reason fades and the body remains? Yellow Horizon shakes up our senses and, with them, our idea of ourselves. Because deep inside, there is still a whole new world to discover, a new horizon.

  • Please note: Part of the performance takes place in absolute darkness.

Concept, choreografie Annemijn Rijk Scenografie Theun Mosk – Ruimtetijd Performers Sofie Porro, Niels van Heijningen, Noemi Calzavara Muziek Aura Bouw Kostuum ontwerp Annemarije van Harten 

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