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Oxygen | Jennifer Romen
Tue 20 Feb ’24 20:00
The next chapter
Tue 20 Feb ’24

Jennifer Romen (Maastricht, 1996) is a young, ambitious choreographer who, with her company Oxygen, impresses audiences with her unique visual work, such as the sold-out Delusion in 2023. In Delusion 2.0, Jennifer takes you into a next-level interplay between dance and illusion in a breathtaking, innovative form of theater. Let yourself be moved by this astonishing, stirring and meticulously executed coming-of-age performance.

As an urban dance maker, she has followed an unorthodox route to the theater. She is causing a stir in dance competitions, television programs, in the commercial circuit and as an instructor. During her first original, full-length performance Delusion, she played both the stage and the hall and managed to get the audience out of their seats.

The overwhelmingly positive reactions made it clear that Delusion rated above all.

In Delusion 2.0, Jennifer takes you on a next-level interplay between dance and illusion, in a breathtaking, innovative form of theater. Delusion 2.0 picks up where Delusion left off. The character we previously followed from adolescence to adulthood, from insecure to powerful, now comes face to face with her greatest opposition in part two. Is it an opponent she needs to win against, or is it a part of herself she needs to learn to accept and even embrace? The dualities interact, sometimes in conflict, sometimes in love.

In this performance, choreographer Jennifer Romen will once again use black light, shadow play and projections to show the audience elusive illusions. You will be blown away even more this time by the exciting interplay between dancers and light and the unprecedentedly tight choreographies. A stunning, moving coming-of-age performance that will move you.

About Jennifer and Oxygen
Jennifer founded dance crew Oxygen in 2015. Oxygen won the Dutch National Championships, European Championships and World Cup Small Group HipHop. In 2018, it won the television program Dance As One and received a Golden Buzzer during the audition for France Got Talent. In 2020, it reached the final of the NBC program World of Dance in America.

Quotes from the judges of NBC World of Dance

Ne-Yo: “What we saw was moving art, amazing!”
Jennifer Lopez: “I felt how you made everyone do every move just right. You were the maestro of the orchestra, and it worked perfectly.” She said it takes love, passion and leadership, and she wanted to cry with Jennifer at the end because it was so beautiful. "It was perfection!"
Derek Hough: "The performance by 'Oxygen' was so good, with so many different dance styles, very tightly danced and very theatrical."

  • With free introduction at 7:15 pm

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