Henk Claassen

Een leuk avondje uit

Theater Artemis, Het Zuidelijk Toneel en hetpaleis
Sun 16 Oct ’22 14:30
The show is stolen? Stop the thief!
Sun 16 Oct ’22

A lot goes well, but unfortunately, life is also full of obstacles. Sometimes things go wrong. And not always at the right time. There are pets that get sick, news that scares you, and then there are pants that don't fit, girlfriends that annoy you, and days that just aren't fun.

Een leuk avondje uit is a whispered musical about all things complicated in life. Bad luck, sadness, fear, shame, jealousy and loneliness all get their own spectacular show number in this musical. The players dance and sing as if their lives depended on it. Unfortunately, not everyone can participate.

Een leuk avondje uit is the new family performance by Theater Artemis, hetpaleis and Het Zuidelijk Toneel.


Director Jetse Batelaan Cast Mourad Baaiz, Goele Derick, Marjan De Schutter, Wijnand Gomes, Chris van der Lee, Tristan van der Lingen, Ramon Mahieu, Rosanne Waalewijn, Mylene Waalewijn, Willemijn Zevenhuijzen