Jesus Christ Superstar

Jeangu Macrooy, Alex Klaasen, Lucas Hamming e.a.
Wed 4 Sep ’24 - Sun 8 Sep ’24
Unmatched, pure and raw
Wed 4 Sep ’24
Sun 8 Sep ’24

Jesus Christ Superstar is the theatrical experience of 2024. A story for and of our time, that is guaranteed to get you thinking. Pure, raw and unparalleled. In an epic version by director Ivo van Hove and with a star cast including Jeangu Macrooy (Jesus), Freek Bartels (Judas), Edwin Jonker (Pilate), Alex Klaasen (King Herod), Magtel de Laat (Mary Magdalene) and the best talents from the Netherlands and abroad. The unforgettable music and lyrics by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber - together with a live orchestra - form the foundation for this theater spectacle sung entirely in English.

The story
The story which has been the leading story in much of the world for centuries and seems hugely topical right now is coming to Dutch theatres. Jesus Christ Superstar is about a group of people who want to change the world. And how that winds up becoming the greatest movement ever. A show about worship and betrayal. Glorification and slander. Power and rebellion. But above all: a story of hope. More than 20 songs from the original 1970 album form the foundation of this iconic performance.

Brace yourself for Jesus Christ Superstar, the rock musical of 2024.

Super Seats: become a part of the happening
Jesus Christ Superstar feels like a true happening. Be immersed and overwhelmed by the industrial design, an unadulterated concert feel and a unique setting. Intense and up close. The circular stage feels like an arena, where you can even literally become part of the story. Choose one of the 171 Super Seats, which allow you to sit on the stage where the story unfolds around you. Enter between the wings, stand face to face with a living work of art and get sucked into the experience! Or choose one of the other seats in the auditorium and be challenged by a performance you won't soon forget.

"Jeangu Macrooy is een fenomenale Jezus" ★★★★★



Regie Ivo van Hove Met Jeangu Macrooy, Lucas Hamming, Magtel de Laat, Edwin Jonker, Paul Groot/Alex Klaasen e.a. Producent Albert Verlinde Producties B.V., Senf Theater B.V. en Shows & Event

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