Detective Moncler

Jan Hulst en Casper Tarenskeen
Tue 7 Feb ’23 20:30
Tue 7 Feb ’23
  • Tue 7 Feb ’23
    Locatie: Natlab - Podiumzaal

Detective Moncler is a thriller on the stage. A real whodunit that combines an exciting plot with a search for identity. Moncler shows us what it means when, overnight, we cut the safety net of ambition and goals and decide to just fall.

When Detective Moncler has put all the murderers and rapists behind bars, she suddenly finds herself at home on her couch, confronted hard with herself. She is nobody without her work. Moncler sinks into a depression, grabs the bottle, falls into nihilism and makes herself impossible for her environment.

Desperate, she decides to leave everything behind and join an experimental government program where she is frozen, only to be awakened again when crime has returned. To her surprise, when Moncler wakes up, only one year has passed. There's a new killer on the loose and his latest victim is Moncler's dear ex-boyfriend. Without an identity in society and overcome with grief and guilt, she vows to avenge her ex. In the search, she is confronted with her own past, and she has to do exactly what she secretly fears most: look very hard in the mirror.

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