Lady Chatterley’s Lover

De Warme Winkel (voorheen toneelgroep Amsterdam)
Thu 10 Nov ’22 - Sat 12 Nov ’22
Performance about an exciting scandalous novel
Thu 10 Nov ’22
Sat 12 Nov ’22

Florian Myjer and Lisa Verbelen are dancing with a novel that caused a major scandal almost a century ago.

In the infamous and groundbreaking novel Lady Chatterley's Lover (1928) by D.H. Lawrence, the noble Constance Chatterley falls head over heels for the brutal charms of ranger Oliver Mellors. Due to its titillating content, the novel caused a great scandal. Florian Myjer and Lisa Verbelen, seeking guidance from their own past and early 20th-century England, are engaging to dance with this scandalous novel.

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“Lady Chatterley's Lover is a crushing diatribe against the heterosexual norm.”


toneelgroep Amsterdam (formerly De Warme Winkel) likes to operate on the cutting edge of social and artistic boundaries. History and literature are often the inspiration for performances that focus on the present.

Since its inception, De Warme Winkel has been looking for a name that better communicates what it stands for. Enthusiasts may associate the name with artistic adventure, but in general, it gives a very different impression. Now, a historic name has become available that better conveys what the group stands for and where they want to go, and that fits seamlessly with their oeuvre full of art historical quotations and appropriation, brutality and experiment. From now on, De Warme Winkel is therefore called 'toneelgroep Amsterdam'.


Script Florian Myjer, Lisa Verbelen and Marieke de Zwaan Director Ward Weemhoff Cast Florian Myjer and Lisa Verbelen Based on D.H. Lawrence

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