Roy Beusker


Tineke Schouten
Fri 21 Apr ’23 - Sat 22 Apr ’23
Tonight, life is beautiful
Fri 21 Apr ’23
Sat 22 Apr ’23

Tineke can't wait to make you laugh heartily at brand new characters with their human shortcomings in her 25th anniversary show. Of course, the beautiful sensitive songs are not to be missed either.

Is life easy or difficult now? Is it beautiful or ugly? Tineke has been wondering that for a long time. Of course, life in this beautiful Netherlands with our freedoms and achievements is usually beautiful and it is perfectly bearable, but if you let all the misery of the world sink in, you can see things as quite gloomy. Feels pretty double, right? This fact has been a great source of inspiration for Tineke for almost 40 years. Time for a party, how hard can that be? Tonight, life is beautiful.