Night with the Ruggeds

The Ruggeds
Exclusively in the Parktheater
Fri 7 Apr ’23 20:30
Dance, music, improvisation
Fri 7 Apr ’23
  • Fri 7 Apr ’23
  • You can buy tickets through the website, by phone and at the counter.

Night With The Ruggeds is a unique evening that takes place exclusively in the Parktheater. You know The Ruggeds as a dance crew, but did you know that some of them are also DJs and musicians? And that they like games? They mix these elements into an energetic and interactive evening for the whole family.

They are bringing along some talented friends that they would like to introduce to you. You will see performances by The Ruggeds and other dancers and musicians. In between, the artists will challenge each other in improv games in which the audience will set the rules.

  • With DJ after the show