Zo vader zo zoon

Jon van Eerd, Joey Schalker, Nandi van Beurden, Arie Cupé e.a.
Wed 29 Mar ’23 20:00 - 22:25
A raucously insane family party
Wed 29 Mar ’23
20:00 - 22:25
  • Wed 29 Mar ’23
    20:00 - 22:25
    Pauze 21:00
    Hertog Jan Zaal

Pricelessly funny misunderstandings, intrigues and complications bring Harrie Vermeulen to an unprecedented comedic high point this season. For every father who feels like a father and for every child who has to live with it.

Harrie Vermeulen lives in the house with his successful son. His arrogant and self-righteous secretary is determined to snag Junior for herself, and she can't be having Father Harrie's critical eye looming about. She hates Harrie and does everything she can to get him out of the house. There must be some dating site for the elderly to hook him up with an old prune. But Harrie just wouldn't be Harrie if he didn't stop all this. He doesn't just get thrown off track. Moreover, he has in mind a much better and, above all, sweeter wife for his son. Harrie devises an ingenious plan to get rid of the witch in one fell swoop and, at the same time, have a nice daughter-in-law. In Zo vader zo zoon, a whirlwind of raucous and hilarious antics will be blowing through the theater.

Jon van Eerd once again shows his funniest side, with Joey Schalker, Nandi van Beurden and Arie Cupé by his side.


Script Jon van Eerd Director Caroline Frerichs Cast Jon van Eerd, Joey Schalker, Nandi van Beurden, Arie Cupé and others.

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