Joshua Oluwagbemiga

En Route

Studio Dries Verhoeven
Sat 18 Mar ’23 20:30
Sat 18 Mar ’23

Theater maker Dries Verhoeven creates performances that are both disruptive and heartwarming. He brings people who are far beyond the walls of our theater poignantly close. Few spectators remain unmoved by Verhoeven's installation theater.

For En Route, he walks a very unusual path. While you are sitting in your comfortable theater chair in Eindhoven, the performers are in Nigeria and play the performance there on the spot, via a live internet connection. The group of Nigerians paint a picture of the future in which African people are on their way to the European continent in large numbers. Are these people future refugees, or are they our future nurses, our bed partners, our leaders?

What does that vision of an impending exodus say about our view of ourselves, of Europe and our relationship to Africa? Let yourself be taken into a hallucinatory view into the distance.

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"The great thing about all his work is that he reduces large, complicated themes to an essence. It is confrontational on the one hand, but also shows compassion for his subject."

de Volkskrant about 'Broeders verheft u ter vrijheid’