De Alex Klaasen Revue
Fri 25 Nov ’22
A 'Merrie' Christmas
Fri 25 Nov ’22

After his successful shows Showponies 1 and 2, the Alex Klaasen Revue is back at the Parktheater this winter with a special edition entitled Snowponies, een 'Merrie' Christmas.

This exclusive Christmas show is the medicine you need to get through the dark days around Christmas. He is once again full of hilarious skits and musical highlights. Exactly as we are used to from Alex, but now completely surrounded by a Christmas atmosphere. Think of a club of 'woke' Christmas elves, a battle between the ox and the donkey, the Limburg Mariah Carey, and a real German Christmas market.

Alex will hand out Christmas gifts to the audience this evening and will cook an eight-course Christmas dinner for the entire hall. He also presents his brand-new Christmas CD Santa Klaasen. Do yourself, your friends and family a favor and have yourself a 'Merrie' Christmas at De Alex Klaasen Revue.

"Alex Klaasen excelleert in show over écht uit de kast komen" ★★★★★


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