The Ruggeds
Fri 14 Oct ’22 and Sat 15 Oct ’22
A performance full of dance and music
Fri 14 Oct ’22
Sat 15 Oct ’22

Four dancers decipher the meaning behind a number in their own chapter. Whereas this group usually takes the stage in large numbers, The Ruggeds are opting for a more intimate setting in their fourth theater production.

Due to their diverse interests, the four crew members each have their own way of communicating. Thus, the deciphered numbers take on different forms in style, rhythm, emotion and intensity. The result is four separate chapters connected by video and bundled into one evening-long performance. There is only one thing left to do: set your mind to zero and let yourself be carried away by a performance full of dance and music.


Music Boibeige, Y'skid Performers Jessy 'Jazzy Gypz' Kemper, Niek Traa, Roy Overdijk, Virgil 'Skychief' Dey

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