Les Misérables

Freek Bartels, Vajèn van den Bosch, Milan van Waardenburg e.a.
Wed 20 Sep ’23 - Sun 1 Oct ’23
A legendary and, above all, very gripping and timeless story
Wed 20 Sep ’23
Sun 1 Oct ’23

The story about friendship, freedom and love returns to the Netherlands. Now experience the classic like never before with an all-new set and star cast!

The story
France in a time of unrest, poverty and dishonesty. After 19 years in captivity, Jean Valjean seems to be heading for freedom. Javert squashes this dream and lets him know what conditions he must meet for the rest of his life. To escape this, Jean Valjean tears up his letter of release and takes on a new identity. Over the years, he proves to be a good person and tries to put his past behind him. Can Jean Valjean stay away from the obsessed Javert, who wants to punish him at all costs for ignoring the conditions?

Les Misérables, a legendary and, above all, very moving and timeless story. Written by Victor Hugo. A musical you must see!

The most popular musical in the world
The musical Les Misérables is popular worldwide with the public and the press. In addition to various Tony, Olivier, Oscar, Grammy and Musical awards, Dutch audiences last September showed that they too still appreciate the musical exceedingly. Both the song Breng hem thuis and Nog één dag were voted in the top 10 in the category Favorite musical song of all time during the Uitmarkt 2021. 

  • This performance is completely Dutch

''Nieuwe Les Misérables is overdonderend en doet recht aan verhaal van Victor Hugo.'' ★★★★★

de Volkskrant


Cast Milan van Waardenburg, Freek Bartels, Vajèn van den Bosch, Ellen Pieters, Channah Hewitt, Mark Roy Luykx, Sem Gerritsma

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