Theaterversie van de Keti Koti Tafel

Orkater in collaboration with the Keti Koti Table Foundation
Onderdeel van de plantage van onze voorouders
Fri 27 Oct ’23 19:00 - 20:00
Fri 27 Oct ’23
19:00 - 20:00

Orkater and the Keti Koti Tafel Foundation are offering fifty people the opportunity to take part in a theater version of the Keti Koti Tafel, prior to the performance De plantage van ons voorouders. Experience for yourself how a personal exchange between white people and people of color allows you to gain meaningful insights about the traces of the slavery past and how this is still felt today in the present. A conversation accompanied by light snacks and age-old songs and rituals, which also play an important role in the performance.

The Keti Koti Tafel is a tradition that has brought more than 35,000 Dutch people (50% white, 50% of color) into conversation since 2012. An equal number of white and black participants participate in a Keti Koti Tafel to reflect on the modern-day consequences of the Dutch slavery past and how to deal with it, guided through structured dialogue. During the tafel, there is a meal, rituals, mourning and liberation songs, and participants have one-on-one conversations using a specially developed dialogue method.

The Keti Koti Tafel consists of a dialogue table inspired by the theme of the performance and lasts about 40 minutes. Because an equal distribution of white people and people of color is a precondition for the Keti Koti Tafel, when buying tickets, you will be asked what race you primarily identify with (white or black).

  • This pre-performance program can also be attended without visiting the follow-up performance

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