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Shakespeare's most beloved and most frequently performed play
Tue 2 Jan ’24
Wed 10 Jan ’24

Hamlet is a thinker and a man of science; he stands resolute and is not easily disturbed. He leads a princely life, studies at the university in Wittenburg and is head over heels in love with the beautiful Ophelia, who eagerly returns his love.

In short: Hamlet is an intelligent, successful young man. Loved by the ladies, loved by his classmates, and is (not unimportantly) filthy rich.

The Prince of Denmark lives on a pink cloud. In a fairytale world, where adversity, ill fortune and bad luck play no significant role. In Hamlet's world, there is always a bright future; everyone lives happily and yes, very long.

The sudden death of his father, the king of Denmark, turns Hamlet's world upside down. It is as if he wakes up from a dream straight into a nightmare in which everything that was known and familiar has changed and takes on terrible, terrifying forms.

For example, his mother the queen, shortly after the funeral of Hamlet's father, weds his father’s brother, Hamlet's uncle Claudius. His love, Ophelia, also suddenly wants nothing to do with him, and a Norwegian Prince with an army is encroaching the Danish border, ready to invade his country.

Hamlet decides not to return to Wittenburg and, instead, prepares for kingship.

But then, deep in the night, a wandering ghost resembling his father appears and tells him that he was murdered by his brother Claudius. Hamlet doesn't know what to do. Can this ghost be trusted? Is it a good spirit or an evil one? Was it really his father speaking to him? Is his uncle guilty of murdering his father and must his death be avenged?

To be or not to be? It remains a topical question.

The tragedy of Hamlet is William Shakespeare's most beloved and most frequently performed play. A ghost story and family drama about revenge, love, death and the search for identity.

With Hamlet, the Theaterplan Foundation is delivering new music theater, current and fascinating, performed by an ensemble of young talent. Edited for a new generation of theater enthusiasts.

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Text editing Oscar de Boer Direction Oscar de Boer Music Hilmar Leujes Choreography Marleen Manders

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