Yes, Please!

Stichting Nieuwe Helden | Lucas De Man
Tue 1 Nov ’22 - Fri 25 Nov ’22
Listen and read the interviews inside the installation
Tue 1 Nov ’22
Fri 25 Nov ’22

In the Grote Foyer, you will find the inflatable installation Yes, Please by the Nieuwe Helden Foundation (by director and theater maker Lucas de Man, among others).

Yes, Please is an ode to the human imagination and the largest volume of research into erotic fantasies in the Netherlands and Flanders… ever! Eroticism is more about vulnerability than sex. What we find erotic is very personal, and that's why it's hard for many people to share what they long for or fantasize about. Despite the fact that sex is everywhere these days, it remains taboo for many people to reveal themselves. The Nieuwe Helden Foundation wants to break this taboo on vulnerability. Listen and read the interviews inside the installation. Free to visit daily.


Concept Pascal Leboucq, Marc Alberto, Lucas De Man | Dramaturgie en inhoud Lucas De Man, Mariëlle de Goede | Vormgeving Pascal Leboucq, Naomi Jansen, Vivien Vuong | Illustraties Atelier Cambré | Geluidskunst Marc Alberto | Productie Rosa van der Flier | Met speciale dank aan Marres, DeBuren, het overige Yes, Please! team en alle geïnterviewden

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