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Wed 26 Oct ’22 15:00 - 16:20
About the secret world behind the blackboard
Wed 26 Oct ’22
15:00 - 16:20
  • Wed 26 Oct ’22
    15:00 - 16:20

The schoolteacher is a familiar figure who stands in front of the class every day, writing things on the blackboard and patiently checking notebooks. But what does she do when she leaves the classroom? Is the teacher still a teacher? And where does she go?

In Juffenballet, the coffee breakroom turns out to be a portal to another world. In the moonlight, a couple of teachers meet in a clearing in the woods. They stoke a fire with homework, dance wildly and off-tempo, and concoct mixtures and sneaky schemes. They plan to overthrow the school headmistress, an old hippie with flower power ideals. They want to renew the school with strict rules and pressure to perform. A battle erupts between freedom and order. But then a new teacher arrives. Can she save the day?

A performance for the whole family with a lot of dancing, cool set changes, humor and the occasional exciting song.

  • Excludes beverage

“Juffenballet is een heerlijk brutale, uitbundige parodie op het Nederlandse schoolsysteem”



Spel, zang en dans Dorien Folkers, Roosmarijn Luyten, Sabrina NaberMacnack, Serano Pinas, Luuk Weers, Yulia Kalinchenko, Katarzyna Sitarz, Imke Smit | Idee, regie René Geerlings | Tekst, advies Moniek Merkx | Choreografie Cecilia Moisio

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