Wim Klein, de laatste menselijke computer

Theater Adhoc
Thu 17 Nov ’22 20:30
Thu 17 Nov ’22

In a mix of rock & jazz, exceptional stories and songs, Jan van den Berg and the band VLEK perform the grand and compelling life story of Wim Klein, the last human computer.

Klein worked for nearly twenty years as a human ‘scientific calculator’ at the international physics laboratory CERN in Geneva. But ever faster electronic calculators made him obsolete, and he entered the history books as 'the last human computer'.

Jan van den Berg (scriptt, song and acting) creates performances at the cross-section of performing arts and 'joyful science'. He says about the performance: “Like no other, Wim Klein has experienced what it means to be overtaken by advancing technology. A fate that awaits us all. I want to sing about how he lived his life to the fullest for that very reason.”

VLEK (music) is a very driven and stubborn group of musicians. They have their roots in improvised music, jazz and alternative rock. VLEK guarantees an unparalleled musical live experience. Grooving, unusual, unabashed, humorous, and always adventurous!

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